Tindara Orchid Supplies is an Internet based company providing Horticultural Supplies for Growing Orchids, Tropical & Exotic Plants, Fruit Trees, Vegetables & Flower Gardens, Medicinal Plants, Hydroponics and Deck & Patio Gardening throughout the United States and to over 55 countries.

The art of gardening has been in the Tindara family for several hundred years, here in the United States and throughout the regions of the Mediterranean.

About 30 years ago we received 4 orchids as a gift, got orchid fever, built a large greenhouse complex, resulting in accumulating over 5,000 slipper orchids growing in our greenhouse.

Although we no longer sell orchids, we maintain a manageable assortment of specimen orchids for our private collection.

The Tindara family has been growing and experimenting with all kinds of plants for the past 50 years. We hybridized over 1,000 Daylilies, 200 Amaryllis, several Orchids and Hostas.

We obtained tomato seeds from Lebanon and grew tomatoes as big as grapefruit.

We won the President’s Award at the 1999 Topsfield Fair (the oldest agricultural Fair in the United States starting in 1818) for the "Best Macintosh Apples."

We also won the Superintendent's Award at the Topsfield Fair for our very large Staghorn Fern, in the Potted Plant Category.

We have also grown a 1,050 lb. pumpkin and have been awarded over 120 ribbons for growing the best flowers, fruits and vegetables.

In addition, we have received over 25 ribbons from the Massachusetts Orchid Society for our orchid displays some years ago.

Our greenhouse is now used as a laboratory where we experiment with various potting soils, fertilizers and growing containers. All the products we sell are evaluated, tested and used for growing and maintaining our Orchids, Tropical & Exotic Plants, Fruit Trees, Vegetables & Flower Gardens, 420 Medicinal Plants and our new Deck & Patio Gardening projects.

To make sure you get the best quality product from Tindara, most of our products, orchid supplies, garden supplies and organic fertilizers are now coming from companies located in the United States, Canada, Portugal, England, Germany, France, Italy, Holland and New Zealand.

Tindara Orchid Supplies has an extensive variety of indoor and outdoor gardening supplies, including a huge assortment of potting tools, orchid and gardening fertilizers, hydroponic nutrients, pots and containers, growing media, plant supports and various tools & accessories.

Whether you're a novice or expert gardener... we will help you plant it, pot it, grow it, feed it, dig it and care for it so you can have amazing plants within any indoor-outdoor garden space.