Dewit's novel solution to tough gardening tasks.

If you’ve tried to tackle some serious cultivating in the garden, but found there’s not one tool that will work it with ease, the Spork provides the solution you’re looking for.Dewit Hand SporkThe Spork cuts in like a fork and digs a spit like a spade. It chops roots, slices turf and breaks up heavy ground.

An award-winning, patented design, hand-forged from solid, top quality steel, the Spork makes light work of the heaviest ground and eases you through the toughest garden tasks.

It saves you time, cuts down the back-breaking effort and brings you a garden you’ll be proud of. Destined to become one of the must-have garden tools, it’ll soon become your trustiest cultivation companion and you’ll wonder how you ever dug the garden without it.

The Spork fronts up a range of truly inspirational garden tools. Each is hand-forged by De Wit of Holland and comes with a full lifetime guarantee.

The Spork multi-purpose range of garden tools was designed by Oxfordshire craftsman Robert Todd and is made by DeWit in Holland. They come with a full lifetime guarantee.

Very enlarged view of a fungus gnat.

Each tool is hand-forged from top quality carbon steel with a special burnished finish that protects the metal and allows it to blacken with age, like the tools in Edwardian times. The hardened boron steel blades have maximum strength and stay sharp. All tools are uniquely stamp-forged and double-welded for the very finest of quality and strength.

The shaft is made from solid ash of the finest quality, with a naturally dried, rather than kiln-dried, ash handle. This makes the tool feel good in your hands, improves flexibility, strength and long life. Ash handles are oiled, but otherwise untreated to allow wood to breath and build up natural patina, just like traditional tools. They weather well and won’t split.

Each tool is lightweight and well balanced so you enjoy even the hardest gardening tasks!

Dewit Sporks
Hand Spork

Price: $18.95