• Dyna-Gro K-L-N Rooting - KLN-008-H
  • Dyna-Gro K-L-N Rooting - KLN-008-H
  • 8 oz. Jar, Dyna-Gro K-L-N
  • Stimulates new root growth
  • Concentrated rooting solution
  • Helps prevent transplant shock
  • Recommend by Professional Growers

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    K-L-N Concentrate is a rooting solution to promote vigorous root growth in flowering plants, helps prevent transplant shock, and improves propagation of plant cuttings, air layering and as a transplanting drench for newly potted plants.

    Drench, dip or mist your plants to stimulate new root growth. Professional Growers highly recommend K-L-N to increase production of cuttings.

    8 oz. Jar