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  • 4 oz. Jar
  • New gel rooting technology
  • Has antibacterial ingredients

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    X Nutrients MX Clone Gel, 4 Oz. Jar

    MX Gel is a breakthrough in gel rooting technology offering two products in one! MX Gel is effective and affordable. As a gel you just dip your cutting to desired the depth before placing in your medium of choice. As a solution simply dilute 1 teaspoon of gel to one gallon of water and use as a solution as well. This solution can be used to soak rock wool cubes or in the aero system of your choice. Its unique formulation will work for both softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings. It offers rapid and healthy results for all types of plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

    This unique gel seals the cutting and has antibacterial ingredients to prevent bacteria and fungus from entering the cutting

    General Usage:
    Hydroponics or Soil/Coco/Other medium - Take cutting and dip into MX Gel to the desired depth. Place treated cutting into suitable preferred medium or aero system.