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Customer Testimonials

I received my order in excellent condition. The shipping care and bubble wrap presentation were the best ever. Thank you for an excellent business transaction. If only other websites would learn from you!

M.L. ~ California

Hi there,

I called last week asking for a replacement DeWit standard trowel because the one I had received appeared to be damaged. The gentleman I spoke with was extremely helpful and offered to send a replacement immediately. Not only did I receive the replacement trowel in record time, I also received a second trowel of a different kind free of charge! I am so impressed with your level of customer service. You are the best in the business, and I will not hesitate to recommend you to everyone I know in the gardening world both here and in Brazil!

Thank you again,

Courtney ~ Washington/Brazil

My husband and I have both purchased items from you in the past few weeks. I am really pleased with the quality of the rhizome clips and the orchid bark. And the little gifts don't hurt, either. You are now my go-to for my orchid needs. Periodically a client will ask me to repot an orchid for them, and I am overjoyed to be able to offer them a professional job with quality materials.

Mary ~ North Carolina

Hello Tindara

I just got my shipment from you today! They are perfect! Nice and sturdy with plenty of ventilation! I love them, thanks!

Rita ~ Washington


I must admit your service and your products are wonderful. You are now my #1 choice for supplies.

Brenda ~ Utah

My choice for orchid supplies and garden supplies is Tindara.

Cindy ~ Texas

Fast shipping and your packaging is amazing. Love that new bubble wrap!!!!

Lisa ~ Arizona

Received my order today, pleased with the product and anticipate making another purchase. Thank you.

Paul ~ Italy

Thanks for the free goodies and your shipping time is not so bad either, great.

Steve ~ Florida

Thank you for the potting material for my lovely orchids.
What I wanted to say besides thank you was, the presentation and packaging of the material and your 'thoughtful' little gift, the magnet and the butterfly clips to hold the blooms was just very much appreciated. I will continue to be a customer for as long as I grow orchids.

Thanks again,

Heidi ~ Virginia

Hi Tindara,

I received my order today. It's obvious you really care about your customers. Keep up the good work.

Sammy ~ Georgia


Received my goodies today and thank you so much. Excellent packing as usual and love the pen, magnet and card! Have a Blessed Easter.

Janice ~ Pennsylvania

After speaking with you on the phone today and spending time explaining to me about growing tomatoes, you folks really care about your customers. I love the Algoflash fertilizer.

Lynn ~ New Mexico

You guys are far out, like I mean awesome. My plants love the fertilizer.

Ritchie ~ Colorado

Dear Tindara,

Received my order today, fast and very pleased. Thanks for the free stuff.

Dennis ~ Indiana

For quite some time I have been looking for a company like yours. Exceptional. Thank you.

Erik ~ Vasteras, Sweden

What can I say...the best. I wish the other guys were like you.

Anthony ~ California

I was the one who ordered the rocker fountain and mist maker that didn't work. I received your package today to find that you not only replaced the broken parts but doubled up on them, I sincerely thank you for your generosity and resolve. your customer service is quite admirable and I am now a very happy customer indeed. I’ll shop with you again in the future. Thanks

Mark ~ Australia

I am in love with this company! I sent in an unusual email inquiry and they responded immediately with a great solution and the product arrived at my door two days later!

I'm in the client service business and these folks do it right.

Nancy ~ California

You guys rock, thanks for making the choice easy.

David ~ Maine

Order arrived as projected. Each item exactly as advertised and what I was expecting to receive.
Thanks until next order.

Bob ~ Tennessee

How much do I love you guys? A lot, a real lot. My fragrant little orchid will be so happy!

Linda ~ California

Many thanks for fulfilling my order so quickly! Wanted to let you know that the order was actually over-fulfilled. I received 2 additional 6-inch single pot hangers and 2 additional 18-inch S hooks. Also received a few plastic pots and some orchid clips. you're the best!!!!

Judy ~ Texas

Dear Tindara,,

The Spike is in great shape. Best Plant I have ever bought. I will keep buying over and over again from You in The Future. We are so Very Happy. You are the Best People to Deal with on eBay !!!! It was packed great.
I want to Thank You for the Free Maxsea Fertilizer.

Have A Great Day.

Doug ~ Georgia

Dear Tindara,

Thank you so much for all the help you gave me with my order. I've been re-potting like crazy! But, I only JUST realized that in my order was a complimentary pair of Trim Shears. When I turned over the package to remove them I saw the note from Tindara on the back. This pair of shears is really coming in handy right now as I'm planting outdoor annuals.

With much appreciation,

Susan ~ Florida

Again, a pleasure and a very pleasant surprise. Your items and service are great.

Carolyn ~ Maryland


Wow, that was speedy delivery!! Barely 3 days. I got my order earlier and am very happy about it.
A big thank you for the full bag of Supersphag!!! Can't wait to try it out.

Sandra ~ Ontario, Canada

Hi Tindara!

Yes, the Orchid Plant Table arrived safe and sound. I think it's great; and I think you guys rock! Thank you so much for your fantastic customer service from start to finish.
Talk about a classy operation.
If there is an email list for your customers to be on regarding Orchid supply sales, informative reads, etc. then please sign me up.
Meanwhile, I'm considering the purchase of an additional Orchid Plant Table.
Again, I want you to know how much it meant to me that you attached those driving directions to my home to ensure delivery.
Take care.

With Sincere Appreciation,

Diana ~ California

Dear Tindara,

This is the 2nd or 3rd time that I've ordered from you from Saudi Arabia.
I just want to say thank you for your great service, I've always received my parcels in record time without any problems; and your website is the only place on the web I'm able to find everything I'm looking for!
Looking forward to ordering from you in the future.

Mika ~ Saudi Arabia

Thank you so much. I received my order so fast. I am pleased w/all the things I bought. Nice that your company has such a nice selection. Some of the things I didn't even know would be so useful.
Good job.

J. Tashima ~ Japan

Dear Folks:

I just want to let you know, it is a pleasure to do business with you. I received my order in record time and I so appreciate the UP tracking notification indicating it was delivered. I am also pleased with the quality and price of the item - a garden folk. You will make its recipient a very happy gardener this spring.

Judith ~ New York

My order arrived, complete with a family of little dragonfly clips!
Thanks so much for your speedy service and little surprises. I'll certainly recommend your company to others.

Sydney ~ North Carolina

Amorphophyllum Titanum arrived today!!! I'm thrilled and surprised. You did an outstanding job of packing. You are clearly a professional with attention to detail. You also love your plants very much to take such good care of their shipping. Obviously you packed it like it was yours.

Thanks again, I do appreciate the time you took.

Good Growing!

Severn ~ England

I appreciate the shipping refund. And thank you for the sample bag of the various clips.

Donald ~ California

Thank you Tindara you are a gem! I most likely will be ordering more items by September when I bring my 'Houseplants' indoors again. Those Orchid Boxes make the plants look so much better!

p.s. I think you advertise them as 'Orchid Baskets', but they do seem to enhance other plants as well.

Anthony ~

Thank you very much for the 7 seeds I received and also for the fast and easy customs paperwork ;-).
Best regards,

S. Cecchini ~ Italy

Dear Sir,
The seeds was safely received today. Thank you.


M. Naito, ~Japan

Hello Tindara,

Just received the seeds. I want to thank you for the great amount of extra seeds!!


S. Hoogma ~ Netherlands


The tray arrived and does not leak. Thank you so very much for the extra "goodies". It was kind of like a surprise party.

Joyce ~ Oklahoma

Dear Tindara,

Sorry for my English...I've received the bulb of A.Titanum many thanks, plants perfects, You are big commerce. You are best company.

Best regards,

Cristall ~ Italy

THANK YOU - for the phone call this morning (I was worried until you called me back!). Your attention to my complaInt was EXCEPTIONAL. I would recommend your business to anyone. Your timely refund processing was a pleasant surprise. All companies aren't so accommodating.

John ~ Texas

I received my plant this morning. It is beautiful and in ideal condition, thank you so much.

Don ~ Illinois

Hello Tindara,

Great day for my vandas, I got the parcel this morning :) Thank you for all. Have a good day

Best regards,

Carole L. ~ Paris, France

To whom it concern, Greetings, thank you very much for mailing me your offers. I'm excited to get a new growing season started outside, yet I do grow year round and your products are just what I have been looking for. Thank you and I will be in contact!


Rodney ~ Florida

Hi Tindara,

I'm at work and this is the first chance I've had to check my e-mail, sorry for the delayed response. I hope the old adage better late than never is true because I really want to thank you. THANK YOU so very much!!!
I was sick thinking about how much money I'd wasted. Money is tight for me and you have really made my day by correcting my order so generously. You have a customer for life and I will tell any and everyone about Tindara.

Best regards,

Donna ~ Vermont


I am an employee of Indiana University, and I recently received an order. Nothing was wrong with the order, in fact it was fast and perfect and arrived yesterday.

Thank you,

Lily ~ Indiana

Thank you very much for the quick response. I look forward to receiving the samples.

Take care,

Ann ~ Oregon

On behalf of the Central Coast Orchid Society, thank you for the good service and the credit for shipping. Have a nice day.

Diane ~ California

Please save me the most money by shipping UPS ground. Thank you very much!

Linda ~ Alabama


Thanks you do much for answering all my questions and I have just a couple more.......

Thanks again,

Hilary ~ New York

Thanks Tindara - mission accomplished!


Michael ~ Washington DC

Hooray for the titan of all titans!!!! I am an avid tropical and subtropical plant collector and I am very interested in a small tuber and maybe five seeds. Come march or maybe later I will be emailing ya'll once more to get my plant!!!!!!!! Truly fantastic!!!!!!

Thank you,

Rocky ~ Georgia

Hello from Athens, Greece. Your company is the best!!!!
Thank you.

Kind regards,


The parcel was delivered today. Very fast. Respect for your company. Thanks!

Gilles ~ Hong Kong

Hi Tindara,

Many thanks for your comments. I am encouraged to try to expand the range of orchids that I grow. Time will tell.

Tony ~ Utah

Received my order today. Wonderful! Thanks for the info - happy holidays.


Heidi ~ Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for the speedy reply - I will be using Supersphag from now on and I will tell all of my plant buddies about you!


Autumn ~ Massachusetts

We appreciate you prompt response and willingness to correct our order.

Many thanks,

Ken ~ New Mexico

Just to let you know that I received the parcel. Thanks a million and Kind Regards to all from

Charles ~ Germany

Hi Tindara,

My name is Kathy D. I received your sale e-mail, and placed an order today. I ordered 6" teak vanda baskets from you last time. Your sales and coupons are the best! Thanks.

Kathy ~ Arizona

Hi Tindara,

The package arrived today. Thanks so much for keeping me up to date!


Steph ~ Kansas

Thank you very much. Looking forward to receiving it!

Best regards,

Penelope ~ Maine

I just got back to your email from last week which offered 20% off by November 6. I missed the opportunity. However, I was going to order 4 Tindara plant-pro humidity trays...Thanks for getting back to me for such a great deal.


Julie ~ Montana

Thank you very much for the prompt response!


Reid ~ New York City


I am building an upscale residential custom greenhouse and the products you offer are exactly what I am looking for. Nice website.


Cody ~ Wyoming

Seeds received, thank you, more than expected!

Marco ~ Brazil

Oh My! I didn't expect this! I will be telling all of my orchid and master gardener friends about your business now!

Thank You!

Janine ~ West Virginia


That's so great! I can't believe you would ship that fast for me. Thank you so much!!!

Jun ~ South Dakota

Wow! That's great. I thought you would have to ship 2 boxes, but still wanted to make only one payment. No need to send culture notes. Your other two plants are doing well, by the way!

Susan ~ California

Thank you for your offer of a 25% rebate! I have just placed an order. A refund to my credit card would be my preference.

Mary ~ Connecticut

Thanks for your great customer service! I will let all my friends on orchidgeeks know how great you guys are. I will continue to check back for the larger glazed pots.

Camille ~Illinois

Thanks for the great service to Spain. Many thanks.


Miquel ~ Barcelona, Spain.

Thanks for the quick reply. I will be sure to check out your website for other varieties of humidity trays.

Jaden ~ Virginia


I received my order today and they are perfect! I put them outside so I am anxious to see how they work. I also took the other package to UPS this afternoon and shipped it back to you. I used the Call Tag that you emailed to me. Thanks!

Terri ~ Kansas

Good Evening,

Excellent items, packaging and shipping! Thanks for the very nice gifts and the free battery for the climate monitor!


Stephen ~ Florida

Dear Tindara,

Thank you so much for letting me know about my shipment; most specifically, about the fact that you taped the directions on the box. Your taking the time to do that leaves me with a feeling of assurance, as well as gratitude. Thank you for your care, and your professionalism.

The best,

Linda ~ Maryland

Thanks for getting back to me so soon, I will take the 2 lily lights and you can issue a refund for the difference, I appreciate your efforts.

Thanks so much,

Bonnie ~ Nebraska

Hi Tindara.

I forgot to thank you for the extra care that you took in packaging the tuber. It arrived in perfect condition and is growing quickly. Thanks for the fertilizer.

Tom ~ Tennessee

I received my corm yesterday and love it. It is perfect and am very, very happy. The info is great that you sent me. Thank you so much.

Diana ~ California

Dear Tindara Orchids,

Thank you so much for your excellent service. Please keep me posted.

Thanks again,

Suzette ~ Georgia

I have been ordering from your website for the past couple of years and have been very happy with everything I have purchased.

Cindy ~ Massachusetts

The package arrived yesterday and was picked up at the post office this morning. The heat packs were still warm!

The packaging was great, and the tuber in incredible. Thank you for the excellent cultivation instructions. I have followed them carefully, and the potted tuber is in the warm side of my greenhouse. Thank you for the excellent plant, shipping, and instructions.

Lewis ~ New Jersey