DeWit Garden Tools are modern designs made with old-fashioned, old-world craftsmanship. Each garden tool is beautiful, practical, and made to last for generations. The excellent quality of these gardening tools can be felt as well as seen. The smooth, strong hardwood handles are crafted of sturdy European Ash. The handles are shock-resistant and nearly unbreakable. The forged boron steel of these tools is very sharp, durable, and incredibly strong. It will not bend under normal use. DeWit burnishes their steel, giving it a fine black patina that evokes the garden tools of the old English garden. Heirloom quality, made for generations to come.

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Dutch 5 Tine Cultivator Marijuana, 420, Potting Cultivator
Price: $29.95
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DeWit Item #: 31-0903 -

The DeWit Dutch 5 Tine Cultivator aerates the soil, allowing warmth and moisture to reach the roots more readily.Head: 3.5"L x 3.5"W; Total Length: 11"

Dutch Bulb Planter
Price: $25.95
Availability: In Stock
DeWit Item #: 31-0909 -

The perfect garden tool for making the exact depth and width for planting small bulbs like tulips or crocus.Head: 4"L x 1.5"W, Total Length: 10.5"

Dutch Cape Cod Weeder
Price: $33.95
Availability: In Stock

The Dewit Dutch Cape Cod Weeder slices weeds off at the base. Drag under mulch to get rid of weeds without disturbing the mulch.Great Garden Tool!Head: 3"L x 1.7"W. Total Length: 10.5"

Dutch Garden Dibber
Price: $29.95
Availability: In Stock
DeWit Item #: 31-0908 -

Features a 5" long tool head that tapers from 1-1/4" to a pointed end. It's the tool of choice for planting seeds, onion sets, and bulbs. Just push the blade into the soil to the necessary depth for your planting. One piece tempered Swedish steel head is hand forged for lasting durability. European Ash handle. Total length is 12 1/2"

Dutch Garden Disk Weeder
Price: $25.95
Availability: In Stock
DeWit Item #: 31-0907 -

It's a weeder, a knife, an edger and a digger! This handheld garden tool is small, yet crafted to yield strength and accommodate nearly any small job. Diameter: 2.75" Total Length: 11"

Dutch Garden Fork
Price: $29.95
Availability: In Stock
DeWit Item #: 31-3004 -

This Dutch Garden Fork is complimented with a hand-forged Swedish boron steel blade and fitted with an Ash hardwood handle. The 3-prong hand fork by DeWit is a handy cultivator for smaller spaces. Perfect for loosening the soil, aeration and even digging for planting smaller plants. A handy tool. Very comfortable.Total length is 12" with a 5" long blade, 3" wide.

Dutch Hand Hoe
Price: $41.95
Availability: In Stock
DeWit Item #: F10 -

Small, yet crafted to yield tremendous strength. The blade is balanced to provide control. The hand-forged blade is easily sharpened with a whetstone to keep it slicing weeds beneath the surface of small and dense flower and vegetable beds.Head: 2"L x 4.5"W. Length: 18"

Dutch Perennial Planter
Price: $29.95
Availability: In Stock
DeWit Item #: F20 -

Small, yet superior in strength, this garden tool is the master at dividing perennials, lifting weeds and planting bulbs. This two handed tool is lightweight and well balanced to provide control for both left and right hand users. Makes a unique gift! Head: 5" x 4.5"; Length: 20.5"

Dutch Potting Trowel Marijuana, 420, Potting Trowel
Price: $29.95
Availability: In Stock
DeWit Item #: 31-0906 -

DeWit Dutch Potting Trowel - Curved blade design prevents soil from spilling out. Extra large blade allows you to move soil more quickly. Head: 4.5"L x 4"W, Total Length: 11"

Dutch Swan Neck Hand Hoe
Price: $39.95
Availability: In Stock
DeWit Item #: 31-0918 -

Extended handle offers extra reach when weeding gardens and flower beds.Head: 2.5"W, Total Length: 10"

Dutch Transplant Trowel
Price: $29.95
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DeWit Item #: 31-3002 -

With a narrow, 7" long blade, the transplant trowel is perfect for digging and transplanting your favorite perennials. Featuring high quality, high carbon steel blade with a European Ash hardwood handle. This transplant trowel is sharpened on both sides. Offers sharpness and precision that true gardeners are looking for. Total Length is 14" with a 7" long blade, 2 ΒΌ" wide.

Dutch Trowel
Price: $24.95
Availability: In Stock
DeWit Item #: 31-3000 -

The best designed trowel on the market. With its high quality tempered steel, it will hold a very sharp edge, making it easy to dig with one hand. Neither the tip nor the neck will bend. Total Length: 13" Blade: 6.25"L x 3"W

Hand Spork
Retail: $44.95
Price: $40.45
Availability: In Stock
DeWit Item #: 31-0816 -

DeWit Dutch Garden Tool, Hand Spork - The DeWit Hand Spork digs soil like a trowel, cultivates like a fork, and hoes with its sharpened blade and unique design features. Perfectly balanced with a comfortable grip. Dimensions: Total length: 12" Digging Head Length: 4.5" Digging Head Width: 3.3"Read More about the Dewit Sporks Here

Heart Shaped Hoe dewit garden tools, trowels, garden fork, cape cod weeder, garden hoe, gardening tools
Price: $39.95
Availability: In Stock
DeWit Item #: 31-0929 -

A super great weeder. Just push underneath mulch or soil to remove weeds. Makes a very unique gift for those special gardeners.

Mini Spork with T Handle
Price: $65.99
Availability: Out of Stock
DeWit Item #: 31-0810 -

The mini spork is the ideal tool for tilling and breaking up soil. Sharp edges easily penetrate the soil while open slits allow the spork to slide in and out of the soil. Ideal for digging in small areas and the open slots allow the tool to easily slide in and out of the soil.The blade will not bend, even with heavy duty use. The unique cutting edge makes it easy to cut through soil or lawn. Great for edging and digging in small areas. Dimensions: Total length: 39.5" Digging Head Length: 6"...

Three Tine Bio Cultivator
Price: $29.95
Availability: In Stock
DeWit Item #: 31-3451 -

This three tine hand garden cultivator is a wonderful garden tool for raking, weeding or clearing debris in those tight places and between existing plantings.Has a nice feel in your hand. Perfectly balanced.Hand-forged from a single piece of Swedish boron steel and fitted with an Ash hardwood handle.Total length is 13"

Tulip Trowel
Price: $44.95
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DeWit Item #: 31-3034 -

DeWit Dutch Tulip Trowel - The Tulip Trowel was the best seller at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2011. It breaks up soil like a fork and works like a trowel. An exceptional trowel for clay/heavy soils. Works great. Makes a wonderful gift. Head: 4.5"L x 4"W. Length: 11"