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  • 1 quart bottle
  • CaMg+ Calcium Magnesium Supplement
  • Recommended for cuttings and transplants
  • Enhances growth, creating healthier flowers & fruits
  • Biologically catalyzed from oyster shell, dolomite lime

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    CaMg+ Calcium Magnesium Supplement provides a natural source of Calcium & Magnesium, critical elements in a plants growth cycle. Biologically catalyzed from oyster shell, dolomite lime & natural plant extracts. The use of organic compounds, CaMg+ increases calcium & magnesium transport into the plants, optimizing metabolism, enhancing growth & creating healthier flowers & fruits.

    In situations with RO water or in soilless media, which contains no calcium, use CaMg+ to get all of the nutrients required for vigorous plant growth.

    Highly recommended for cuttings and transplants!

    1 Quart