• 1 qt., 32 oz. bottle. NPK, 0-3-1
  • Used to promote buds, flowers
  • A premier all natural liquid plant food
  • Formulated to help boost yield of flowers
  • Develops essential oils and fragrances of flowers

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    Earth Juice Bloom, 1 qt

    P3.00% - K1.00%

    A premier all natural liquid plant food for all indoor and outdoor flowering and fruiting plants.

    Formulated to help boost yields of flowers, fruits and vegetables and aid in the robust development of essential oils and fragrances of indoor/outdoor flowering and fruiting plants.

    For “Hand-Feeding” applications only of plants growing in all soils, planting mixes and coco-coir.

    Not for use with drippers.

    A no nitrogen phosphorous formula that is used to promote buds, flowers, fruit and vegetables.

    Use at first sign of budding and throughout the production period.

    Also good for plants that do not require any nitrogen, such as cactus and legumes.

    Shake Vigorously Before Each Use.