• 1 qt. 32 oz. Bottle. NPK, 2-1-1
  • Ideal choice for all planting mixes
  • A natural, organic liquid plant food
  • Generates lavish vegetative growth
  • Best choice for both growth and blooming

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    Earth Juice Grow, Organic Nutrient, Plant Food, 1 qt. 32oz.

    N2.00% – P1.00% – K1.00%

    A World -Wide Favorite Since 1991 as a “Best” Choice for a Grow formula plant food.
    Earth Juice Grow is a natural, organic liquid plant food that is formulated to encourage robust vegetative stem and leaf growth for a variety of indoor/outdoor foliage and flowering plants. Earth Juice Grow is Non-Burning, No Salt Residue formula is intended for “Hand-Feeding” applications only.

    Not for use with drippers, micro sprayers and hydroponics.

    An Ideal choice for all planting mixes, coco-coir and native soils.

    An intense Nitrogen formulation that may be used as a potent Grow fertilizer that will generate lavish vegetative growth or a dynamic General-Purpose formula that will provide robust growth along with an explosion of flowers vegetables and fruit.

    It is the best choice for those who prefer a single formula for both growth and blooming. Earth Juice Grows' aromatics can range from a slightly earthy to a sharp yeasty sourness. Contains sediment. Shake Vigorously Before Each Use.