• 1 quart
  • NPK = 0.46-0.26-1.86
  • Use in hydroponic systems
  • Excellent for container plants
  • A source of over 70 trace elements
  • A super nutrient

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    Grow More Mendocino Honey is a super nutrient, contains natural sweet molasses plus Montmorillinite, a source of over 70 trace elements. Montmorillonite is a very soft phyllosilicate group of minerals that typically form in microscopic crystals. It's a soil amending ingredient.

    Conscientious growers are always on the lookout for natural, organic ways to feed their plants without using poisonous products on their plants. Try Mendocino Honey, a super nutrient.

    Mendocino Honey is a naturally sweet carbohydrate plus organic carbon to stimulate plant growth of beneficial microbes and fungi in the root zone.

    When used in a hydroponic system, it supplies a valuable source of organic carbon & carbohydrates.

    Recommended for plants grown in soil, soilless mixes or hydroponic systems.

    Excellent for container plants.

    Use: intended as a supplement that supplies additional nutrients for fertilizer mixes.

    NPK = 0.46-0.26-1.86

    Composed from molasses, yucca extract, yucca schidigera, and seaweed extract.


    1 quart, 0.946 LTR