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  • A special blend of botanical seaweed extract + micronutrients
  • Promotes vigorous growth, better quality plants, abundant blooms

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    Grow More Sea Grow Acid Forming Plant Food, Fertilizer - A special blend of botanical seaweed extract + micronutrients.

    A hybrid blend of botanical seaweed extract, blood meal, organic carbon, amino acids, carbohydrates, primary N-P-K plant foods and micronutrients.

    The Bio-stimulant effect from seaweed promotes vigorous growth, better quality plants and abundant blooms.

    Recommended for indoor or outdoor growing situations, container plants or field grown plants using native soil and artificial mixes. Brings a unique synergism to your garden.

    Also contains yucca extract to increase the plants’ natural resistance to diseases.

    Water-soluble concentrate dissolves instantly.

    Feeds through the leaves & roots.