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  • 300 Gram Jar, 10.7 oz.
  • Product of Canada
  • Carbo Blast will boost plants with leggy growth problems
  • Enhances essential oil production, boost flowering weight

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    Carbo Blast Plant Nutrient is the energy source your plants will need to keep ahead of the pack.

    The unique chemical composition of Carbo Blast makes it beneficial during all phases of plant growth.

    Carbohydrates are the end products of photosynthesis, which are broken down during respiration to release large amounts of chemical energy which is utilized by plants for biosynthetic reactions.

    Carbo Blast will boost plants with leggy growth problems. Enhance essential oil production. Boost flowering weight.

    Carbo Blast emulates the plant's natural carbohydrate profile, increasing the size and quality of your fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

    Carbo Blast uses the highest quality simple and complex carbohydrates. Use Carbo Blast as an additive to your existing nutrient solution.

    Carbo Blast is compatible with all quality brand name nutrients.

    300 Gram Jar, 10.7 oz. Product of Canada.