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  • 1 quart, 946 ml bottle
  • Concentrated Magnesium Supplement with vitamin B1
  • Supplies extra magnesium, sulfur during the bloom phase

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    Humboldt County's Own Magnum Magnesium Supplement 32 oz.
    1 Quart

    Magnum is a concentrated Magnesium Supplement with vitamin B1 for supplying extra magnesium and sulfur during the bloom phase of your plants.

    Magnesium is essential for plants to manufacture chlorophyll.

    Signs of magnesium deficiency can include premature fading of leaves.

    Magnum is specifically designed for the early bloom stage, during the bloom stage and use during late in the bloom stage.

    Apply at the first sign of fading or premature yellowing of leaves.

    A very important nutrient for superior plant growth and health.

    Highly recommended.