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    DeWit Dutch Garden Tool, Hand Spork - The DeWit Hand Spork digs soil like a trowel, cultivates like a fork, and hoes with its sharpened blade and unique design features.

    Perfectly balanced with a comfortable grip.

    Total length: 12"
    Digging Head Length: 4.5"
    Digging Head Width: 3.3"

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    Is this multi-tasking garden hand tool a fork, a trowel or a hoe? It cuts, it chops, it digs, it slices. The DeWit Spork moves soil like a trowel, digs and cultivates like a fork and works like a hoe with its super sharp forged blade.The design features slots in the blade to give the tool a spring effect. This hand Spork cuts through roots like a hot knife through butter and easily works through compacted soil but can also be used for planting and weeding. The DeWit Spork is a one handed earth mover. Forged from Boron steel and fitted with a Ash hardwood handle.

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