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Grow lights can be used for indoor growing of orchids, seedlings, house plants, herbs and a large variety of plants.

Nice selection of grow light kits, timers, meters.

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AgroLED - The Hangover Grow Light
Price: $89.95
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Item #: TIM9009 -

AgroLED - The Hangover Grow Light is a fantastic Orchid Grow Light. Our favorite grow light for indoor orchid growing. This is a Complete Grow Light System. Custom made lamp holder to accommodate AgroLED 12 watt LED lamps with medium base. Designed to be hung vertically with a SunGrip suspension pulley (included). Compact design allows supplemental lighting throughout your garden area. Maximum 12 watts. Fixture plus cord length is 10 feet.Contains: 1 socket with cord, 1 SunGrip light...

AgroSun Dayspot Grow Light Kit
Price: $24.95
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Item #: LKIT60 -

Use the AgroSun Dayspot Grow Light Kit for growing orchids under lights. One of our favorite orchid grow lights.Grow bigger, better blooms and ensure healthy plant growth with the Agrosun Dayspot Grow Light Kit. Great for orchids, terrariums, bonsai and all houseplants. Bring your favorite plants indoors, spotlight a treasured terrarium or orchid, or grow an herb garden right in your home or office. We recommend mounting your AgroSun Dayspot Grow Light at least 24 inches from plants to...

Intermatic Heavy-Duty Mechanical Timer
Price: $18.95
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Item #: IntermaticTN311C -

Use the Intermatic Heavy-Duty Mechanical Timer with our grow light systemsWe’ve been using the Intermatic Timer in our greenhouse for over 15 years. With all the heat, moisture and humidity in our greenhouse these timers have never failed us. They’re great for connecting fans or other electrical fixtures. We use them for grow lights and with our high pressure sodium grow light systems. The Intermatic Heavy-Duty Grounded Timer comes with an easy-to-use dial. The multi-purpose timer features a...

Island Brand Manual Timer
Price: $18.95
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Item #: IBMT8300 -

The Island Brand Manual Timer is fully grounded, 24 hour programmable, and simple to use.The Island Brand Timer handles a maximum of 1725 watts and 15 amps and can be set using 15-minute increments.Perfect for use with grow lights.

Jump Start Grow Light System
Price: $49.95
Availability: Out of Stock
Hydrofarm Item #: JSGLS2 -

Jump Start Grow Light System - Great for indoor orchid growing. Grow orchids under lights with the Jump Start Grow Light System. Our favorite orchid grow light.Ideal for orchids, seedlings, cuttings, flowers and house plants. Grow seedlings faster with 15-20% more lumens Simple toggle clamp for easy lamp height adjustment Internal reflective finish directs more light to plants Super easy assembly INCLUDES: 1 - Jump Start fluorescent light fixture 2 - One AgroBrite full spectrum fluorescent...