Our orchid growing media, fir bark and sphagnum moss are great orchid potting products for growing various orchids and plants in containers, planters or baskets. Nice selection of hydrocorn, orchiata, orchid fir bark, sphagnum moss.

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Black Gold All Purpose Potting Soil Marijuana, 420, All Purpose Potting Soil, Growing Supplies
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Black Gold All Purpose Potting Soil with Controlled Release Fertilizer is a multi-purpose, nutrient-rich mix that's ideal for all plants, including house plants, patio containers, and hanging baskets. Black Gold blends Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss with earthworm castings, forest humus, compost and pumice. Specially formulated to feed up to six months and provide both moisture retention and good drainage. 16 Qt. Bag  ...

Black Gold Earthworm Castings
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More than just a great plant fertilizer, earthworm castings are also a terrific soil amendment, plant growth enhancer, and the gardener’s ultimate compost. Earthworm castings are clean, odorless, and can be used indoors and outdoors to provide a boost to all of your plants.Worm castings also supply magnesium, phosphates, calcium, potassium, and potash, along with a range of micro-nutrients and trace elements.Worm castings are loaded with beneficial soil microbes and other soil organisms that...

Black Gold Natural and Organic Potting Soil Marijuana, 420, Growing Supplies, Natural, Organic Potting Soil
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Black Gold Item #: BG-organic -

This Natural and Organic Potting Soil's rich, loamy mix is a premium choice for all-purpose gardening applications. The 100% organic base consists of screened earthworm castings, Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, compost and forest humus. Black Gold blends in perlite and pumice to ensure optimum aeration. Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for organic production.16 Qt. Bag ...

Black Gold Waterhold Cocoblend Marijuana, 420, Growing Supplies, Soil, Fertilizer, Cocoblend
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Black Gold Item #: BG-waterhold -

Black Gold Waterhold Cocoblend - Orchid Growing Media.The combination of coconut fibers (coir) and Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss gives your outdoor container plants the advantage of water retention against constant exposure to heat, wind and sun. Black Gold adds earthworm castings and pumice to make this a high-performance growing medium for all your gardening applications. Does not contain copolymer crystals (polyacrylamide), commonly found in other water holding potting soils. OMRI listed. 16...

Coconut Husk Chip Bricks
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Item #: cocobr -

This organic orchid medium provides an excellent aeration system, while also holding moisture for your orchids. It aids in rapid growth for orchids, bromeliads, anthruiums (hydroponics), and many other plants that benefit from an aerated medium. Coconut husk does not break down and moisture is held within each chip, discouraging fungus gnats. With a favorable pH of 5.2-6.5, the results are exceptional.Growers are encouraged to mix the Coconut husk chip orchid growing medium with an equal...

Coir Fiber Compressed Bricks
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Coir or pith fiber is an excellent orchid potting medium. As a by-product of the coconut harvest, coir fiber is a renewable resource and an eco-friendly alternative to bog dredged peat moss. Although slightly less acidic than peat moss, coir fiber absorbs moisture faster and retains it longer, holding 10 times its weight in water. Coarsely shredded coir fiber lasts 8 times longer than peat moss while resisting bacterial mold and fungal growth; plus, it is weed and pathogen free. It makes an...

Cork Chips, 1 lb.
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A extraordinary addition to your orchid growing mix. Orchids love growing in cork chips because the roots work their way in and around the very soft, textured surfaces. The added benefit of cork chips for orchids is that it holds virtually no water (no root rot), lasts a very long time and mixes well with other media to make a light, fluffy amazing mix. Mixes made with cork chips are typically quite open and airy which is perfect for most orchids. Tindara is pleased to offer the finest grade...

Dried Green Sheet Moss, 8 oz. bag
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Harvested in the North Carolina forests, this naturally beautiful and decorative green sheet moss brightens and enhances baskets, planters, pots and orchid arrangements.It helps retain moisture and does not interfere with watering or fertilizing.Sheet Moss is a great medium and perfect for craft, decorative, and home decor projects.It can easily be shaped, cut, glued. It is thin and flat. Fresh green color.

Espoma™ Organic African Violet Mix
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Espoma® Organic African Violet Mix is a rich, premium potting mix of the finest natural ingredients, including sphagnum peat moss, peat humus, perlite and dolomitic lime. An all natural growing medium formulated specifically for the healthy growth of African Violets. Works well for houseplants with similar needs as African Violets as well. Use Espoma® Organic African Violet Mix with confidence that you have chosen the very best. Comes in a 4 Quart reclosable bag. ...

Espoma™ Organic Cactus Mix
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(For cactus, Palm & Citrus. Enhanced with Myco-tone)Espoma® Organic Cactus Mix is a rich, premium potting mix formulated for container grown Cactus, Palm & Citrus plants.It contains peat moss, sand, perlite, and Myco-tone® (a proprietary blend of 11 different strains of mycorrhizae).Espoma® Organic Cactus Mix will promote root growth, increased water and nutrient uptake, larger plants with more abundant blooms.Use Espoma® Organic Cactus Mix with confidence that you have chosen...

Espoma™ Organic Potting Mix
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(an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to keep their garden purely organic) Espoma®Organic Potting Mix is an ideal blend of specially pre-mixed natural ingredients that will give your plants and flowers everything they need. Espoma Organic Potting Mix contains Myco-tone, which improves the structure of the soil, boosts the plants ability to absorb fertilizer and increases the chance of survival when transplanting flowers or plants into a new container. Anything grown in Espoma Organic...

Green Plastic Scoops
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Scoops have a curved opening with a beveled edge. Made with a high quality green plastic that will not chip. Scoops have a large built-in hole for hanging. Comfortable & balanced. A - Large: Total length is 16" long (including handle). The Scoop is 6" wide, 11" long and 3" deep. B - Medium: Total length is 13" long (including handle). The Scoop is 4 1/2" wide, 9" long and 3 1/2" deep. C - Small: Total length is 11" long (including handle). The Scoop is 4" wide, 8" long and 2 1/2" deep. ...

Growstone GS-2 Mix This Soil Aerator, 1.5 cf bag soil conditioner, soil aerator, growing media, hydroponic supplies, orchid growing supplies
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Growstone GS-2Mix This Soil Aerator, used as an orchid growing media, is the ideal aeration component of orchid soil mixes. Its highly porous aggregates act as "air pockets" significantly enhancing aeration and drainage of any sphagnum peat, coco coir or composted soil based mix. As a result it creates the ideal environment for your plants’ root systems and leads to healthy, thriving plants. An ideal soil conditioner, growing media for growing a wide variety of plants including Orchids,...

High Chrome Scoop
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These beautiful super-strong & sturdy, high chrome scoops are great for potting soils, grains, flour, dog food, ice cubes, bulk foods and so many more uses, extremely versatile. We use the stainless steel scoop for potting soil.Features: Solid Chrome Steel Scoop Stain and rust resistant Designed for strength with a very comfortable grip A heaping Scoop of potting soil will easily fill a 5" pot. Easy to clean Large ScoopSpecifications: Total length is 14" long (including handle). The Scoop is 4...

Hydrocorn Pebbles
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Hydrocorn Pebbles are a unique, lightweight expanded clay aggregate. Made in Europe, Hydrocorn Pebbles are lightweight & porous with a neutral Ph. Can be used alone or mixed with other growing media to improve aeration. Has been known to prevent parasitic growth and root rot. Excellent for hydroponic gardening, in the greenhouse, outdoor gardens, planters and hydrocultures. Horticulture quality. Use as a decorative top layer for your potted plants. You can use Hydrocorn Pebbles as a top...

Lava Rock
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A great addition to many Orchid growing mediums and mixes If you purchased Orchids from Hawaii you have probably seen them potted in Lava Rock. It is a favorite Orchid medium in Hawaii for growing Orchids. It slightly retains water and never breaks down. Lava rock is very airy, porous and the plant roots grow through the mix extremely well. You will even notice that orchid roots attach themselves to the Lava Rock. Lava Rock is an ideal growing medium and potting medium for all plants...

Long Coconut Fiber
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Item #: LCC-FIBER -

Long Coconut Fiber is a natural, organic ingredient used to line Vanda baskets and to secure orchids to trees, driftwood, virgin cork bark or tree fern plaques. Long Coconut Fiber can be inserted into the bottom of cork tubes so potting mix stays in and water freely flows out. ¼ cu ft bag

Natural Spanish Moss, 8 oz. bag
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Preserved Natural Spanish moss can be used for covering soil, dressing containers, plants and more.Natural Spanish moss is cleaner and has less dust than ordinary moss.This moss has a richer look, softer feel and a fresher appearance.Nice rich color for lasting beauty.Comes in a 1/2-pound bag.

Ocean Forest Potting Soil
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Fox Farm Item #: OF714304 -

FoxFarm's ready to use Ocean Forest Natural & Organic Potting Soil is nutrient rich, pH balanced for all types of plants including vegetables, annuals, perennials, garden planters, container gardens and more!A powerful blend of composted forest humus, sphagnum peat moss, Pacific Northwest Sea-Going fish emulsion, crab meal, shrimp meal, earthworm castings, sandy loam perlite, fossilized bat guano, granite dust, Norwegian kelp meal, and oyster shell for pH adjustment. All blended together to...

Orchid Fir Bark  -  1/4 cubic ft. bags
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Orchid Fir Bark is a main ingredient in orchid growing media, and potting mixes. Orchid fir bark products & supplies are great for potting, growing, repotting orchids.Our orchid fir bark is a professional grade, clean, dried Douglas fir bark sterilized through a heat treatment process to reduce the chance of pathogens and infestation problems. The Orchid Fir Bark has a rough surface and does not compact, allowing air and water to be absorbed by the plant's roots.For optimal results,...

Oyster Shell Chips
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Tindara Item #: OysFlr_1 -

A must for orchids and all plants!This is a high quality organic potting mix nutrient which consists of 96% calcium carbonate and many micronutrients. Provides a long-lasting, steady release of nutrients which regulates pH levels, improves fertilizer uptake, promotes healthy cellular structure, and reduces plant stress. Compared to agricultural lime, oyster shell chips have more irregular surface areas which increase interaction with the soil and create a better habitat for soil microbes. This...

Phalaenopsis Orchid Mix, 1/4 cf Bag
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Tindara Item #: PhalMix -

Phalaenopsis Orchid Mix - an orchid mix composed of medium fir bark, charcoal, perlite and other organic ingredients. An orchid growing media providing the necessary humidity Phalaenopsis Orchids thrive on. Use with 4" pots to 12" pots. For best results use with Jack's Classic 30-10-10.1/4 cubic foot bags. ...

Premium New Zealand Sphagnum Moss AAAA+
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New Zealand Sphagnum Moss - Orchid Growing Supplies. A fantastic orchid growing medium, Premium Sphagnum Moss, harvested from the pristine environment of New Zealand's Southern West Coast is considered one the best growing mediums for your orchids.The quality of this sphagnum moss is the native species Sphagnum cristatum, which is recognized worldwide as premium moss to be found only in New Zealand.The robust petals of the moss can hold 20 times their own weight in water.This is the AAAA+...

Premium New Zealand Sphagnum Moss Brick
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Item #: NZSMB -

Premium New Zealand Sphagnum Moss Brick - Super compact 4 3/4" x 8" - 100g (.22 lb) brick, expands to 8 liters (2.11 US gal) when hydrated with warm water.The ultimate in water retention.Ideal for orchids and other plants. Use in hanging baskets.High compression ensures the brick has a long storage life.Premium New Zealand Sphagnum moss harvested from the pristine environment of New Zealand's Southern West Coast. AAAA+ premium grade.