• Pack of 2 bricks.
  • Excellent orchid potting medium.

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    Coir or pith fiber is an excellent orchid potting medium. As a by-product of the coconut harvest, coir fiber is a renewable resource and an eco-friendly alternative to bog dredged peat moss. Although slightly less acidic than peat moss, coir fiber absorbs moisture faster and retains it longer, holding 10 times its weight in water. Coarsely shredded coir fiber lasts 8 times longer than peat moss while resisting bacterial mold and fungal growth; plus, it is weed and pathogen free. It makes an excellent soil amendment or mulch, and when combined with perlite makes an excellent seed starter.

    To use, simply soak with five quarts of warm water per brick for 15-20 minutes. Add Superthrive or Maxsea Fertilizer to the water for maximum results. Allow water to absorb. Drain. Stir to a fluffy texture.

    Available as compressed bricks which expands to 1/3 cubic ft.