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    Orchiata - an orchid growing medium, orchid bark, used as an orchid potting mix, produced from 100% pure New Zealand Pinus radiata bark. Orchiata is also known as Monterey bark

    It is a unique, stable growing medium for potting and re-potting orchids. Orchiata is imported from New Zealand, produced solely from Pinus radiata, .

    Orchiata is a high quality organic growing medium, stable, long lasting, toxin free with a pH range between 5.5 and 6.5, perfect for growing orchids.

    Orchiata Bark preserves the best attributes of Pinus radiata, and combines them with longevity, ability to re-wet quickly and long term stability. Hawaiian Growers' have reported that frequent re-potting is not necessary, as potted plants have been known to remain in excellent condition in excess of 10 years.

    Each piece of medium grade Orchiata Orchid Bark is roughly ½ inch. Use with any type of orchid for potting or repotting.

    NEW:  As a result of several requests from our customers, we are now offering the medium grade Orchiata in the 40 liter bag. This is the same popular Power+ grade that we offer in the 1/4 cubic foot bag.