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    Orchid Fir Bark is a main ingredient in orchid growing media, and potting mixes. Orchid fir bark products & supplies are great for potting, growing, repotting orchids.

    Our orchid fir bark is a professional grade, clean, dried Douglas fir bark sterilized through a heat treatment process to reduce the chance of pathogens and infestation problems.

    The Orchid Fir Bark has a rough surface and does not compact, allowing air and water to be absorbed by the plant's roots.

    For optimal results, soak the Orchid Fir Bark in water (with 1/4 teaspoon of added Superthrive) for at least one hour before use in order to hydrate the Orchid Fir Bark. The use of Jack's Classic Fertilizer, formulated especially for Orchid Fir Bark, is also highly reccomended!