• Large digital LCD readout
  • Displays the growing temperature and humidity

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    UltraGrow Hydrometer

    The Hydrometer from UltraGrow gives the growing temperature and humidity readings both indoors and out while tracking minimums and maximums. Built-in clock. Large digital LCD readout makes this unit easy to read even from across the room!

    Humidity is one of the things that most indoor growers often forget about even though temperature is equally important. These two things are actually quite interconnected with each other as one will affect the other.

    The proper humidity in the growing environment can heavily affect the outcome of your plants. Did you know that plants actually slow down their growth rate if it’s too humid in a room? A slow-growing plant will not only delay everything, it will also give a yield that is not satisfactory.

    With a Hydrometer like this, you can now monitor the humidity in a room. In general, the ideal range should be at 45%-50% humidity. Humidity that goes above 60% will increase the chances of mildew, mold and other unwelcome pests to appear on your crops.

    On the other hand, low humidity is also bad for your plants. Any plans that grows in an environment with humidity below 30% will reduce their transpiration abilities (it will choke them) which will also slow down their growth. This means that you better watch the humidity levels!

    Now that you know that humidity can cause real problems for a grower, the next thing that’s probably on your mind is how to remedy it.

    The UltraGrow Hydrometer is what you need.