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BCuzz Root Aid Cloning Gel
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B'CUZZ ROOT AID CLONING GELB’Cuzz Root Aid Gel contains two plant hormones to stimulate new root development, NAA and IBA. NAA is commonly used in commercial agriculture for the rooting of plant cuttings for propagation. The combination of NAA with IBA ensures consistent hormone levels and successful propagation. The combination of NAA and IBA will ensure your cuttings root rapidly and most important a larger number of roots will be the ultimate result.B'Cuzz Root Aid Gel is one of the most...

Bloombastic, Plant Nutrient, 80ml
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Atami Bloombastic is so highly concentrated, you only need to mix between 1/2 and 1 milliliter per liter of water. This means that a single 80ml bottle will make over 40 liters (11 gallons) of nutrient rich water for your plants. Bloombastic is a very affordable replacement for several supplements that you may currently be using including bloom boosters, accelerators, hardeners, and flower enhancers.Bloombastic stretches a flowers' cells, increasing their capacity to absorb potassium, while...

BCuzz PK 13-14, Plant Nutrient, 1 Liter
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B’Cuzz PK 13-14 is a high quality flowering preparation with added phosphorous and potassium. Fast growing plants require phosphate and potassium in order to flourish during the reproductive flowering stages of growth. B’Cuzz PK 13-14 will rapidly stimulate exuberant floral development. This formula is fully soluble in water and ensures firm, dense budding.A plant has a huge need for phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) during the flowering period and if we are able to meet these as a grower, the...

BCuzz Bloom Stimulator, Organic Fertilizer 12 oz.
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B`Cuzz Bloom Stimulator, 0-0-0.7, is an all natural, organic liquid fertilizer from Atami. Absolutely unique. Despite imitations on the market, this product has an unrivalled effect on your plants. It stimulates the growth of flower cells and increases the production of sugar molecules and their transport around the plant. This results in dense budding, enhanced flowering and an excellent yield.B`Cuzz products are tailored to work sequentially with each other through the growing stages, to not...

B’cuzz Bio-NRG Growth-C, Plant Nutrient, 1 Liter
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B’Cuzz Bio-NRG Growth-C (2-2-5) is a hydro-organic vegetative liquid plant nutrient. It is derived from molasses, fishmeal, rock phosphate and seaweed. B’Cuzz Bio NRG Growth-C enhances green growth in all plants.Hydroponic nutrient B'cuzz Bio-NRG Growth-C is suited for all stages of development in conjunction with B'cuzz Root and Bloom Stimulators. Contents are derived from molasses, rock phosphate, seaweed and more.Bio-NRG Growth-C should be avoided in drip systems as clogging may...

B’cuzz Bio-NRG Bloom-C,  Plant Nutrient, 1 Liter Nutrients, Plant Food, Fertilizers
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B’Cuzz Bio NRG Bloom-C (0-17-15) is a hydro-organic flowering liquid plant nutrient. It is derived from molasses, fishmeal, rock phosphate and seaweed. B’Cuzz Bio NRG Bloom-C promotes the full potential of your plant’s fruiting and flowering phase.B’cuzz Bio-NRG is the answer to those seeking an easy to use nutrient system, producing the highest quality hybrid nutrient system on the market. B’cuzz Bio-NRG combines the best organic based components with mineral based components to create a...