P. Allen Smith Promotes Black Gold in 2012:  "Whether it's houseplants or containers outdoors, Black Gold® has a potting soil formulated to provide the ideal growing environment for all your plant projects." 


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Black Gold Waterhold Cocoblend
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Black Gold Waterhold Cocoblend - Orchid Growing Media.The combination of coconut fibers (coir) and Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss gives your outdoor container plants the advantage of water retention against constant exposure to heat, wind and sun. Black Gold adds earthworm castings and pumice to make this a high-performance growing medium for all your gardening applications. Does not contain copolymer crystals (polyacrylamide), commonly found in other water holding potting soils. OMRI listed. 16...

Black Gold Earthworm Castings
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More than just a great plant fertilizer, earthworm castings are also a terrific soil amendment, plant growth enhancer, and the gardener’s ultimate compost. Earthworm castings are clean, odorless, and can be used indoors and outdoors to provide a boost to all of your plants.Worm castings also supply magnesium, phosphates, calcium, potassium, and potash, along with a range of micro-nutrients and trace elements.Worm castings are loaded with beneficial soil microbes and other soil organisms that...