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Dynamite Mater Magic Natural and Organic 8-5-5 Tomato Fertilizer .675 lb. Jar
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Dynamite Mater Magic Natural and Organic 8-5-5 Tomato FertilizerDynamite Mater Magic Premium Plant Food 8-5-5 is an easy way to grow tomatoes that are bigger and more juicy.It is a completely organic product and is OMRI listed. Dynamite Mater Magic can be used on in-ground or in containers.It contains extra calcium and a special blend of micronutrients to help prevent blossom end rot. You will see amazing results.One bottle will feed 4 plants continuously for up to three months.It comes in a...

Dynamite All Purpose 18-6-8 Fertilizer, 1 lb. Jar
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DYNAMITE ALL PURPOSE 18-6-8 FERTILIZERExcellent for all flowering shrubs, trees, landscape plants, foliage, houseplants, ferns, palms, grasses and herbs. Contains balanced rates of NPK + micro-nutrients to aid in the establishment of roots, strong stems and branches, greener foliage and more blooms. • Feeds continuously up to 9 months • Contains necessary micronutrients • Nutrients won’t wash out with heavy rains or irrigation • Available in 1 pound bottles with a convenient shaker lid...