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GH MaxiGro 10-5-14
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MaxiGro is an extremely potent, stand-alone, water-soluble, dry concentrate nutrient.MaxiGro is formulated to build strong roots, stems and foliage. It is designed for rapidly growing plants prior to flowering or fruit set.Complete in primary, secondary, and micro nutrients, pH buffered MaxiGro will provide superior results when used with a wide variety of crops in both hydroponic and soil-based environments.Great for hydroponics.MaxiGro encourages growth of seedlings and cuttings, and to...

ArmorSi - Silica Plant Growth Enhancement
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Highest concentration of silica in any product on the Market!ArmorSi™ is suitable for all types of plants during all stages of growth.It can be used for plants growing in hydroponics, Coco Coir, Coco Husk Chips and all types of media.Use as a growth enhancer with irrigation water or in addition to your regular fertilizers.ArmorSi improves plant structure and foliar development, increases yield, and improves flower and fruit production.Your plants will additionally experience improved...

CaMg+  Calcium Magnesium Supplement, Quart
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CaMg+ Calcium Magnesium Supplement provides a natural source of Calcium & Magnesium, critical elements in a plants growth cycle. Biologically catalyzed from oyster shell, dolomite lime & natural plant extracts. The use of organic compounds, CaMg+ increases calcium & magnesium transport into the plants, optimizing metabolism, enhancing growth & creating healthier flowers & fruits. In situations with RO water or in soilless media, which contains no calcium, use CaMg+ to get all of the nutrients...