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Chelating and Trace Elements

All GROW MORE fertilizers contain a special multi-mix of chelated micronutrients. manufactured from NA4 EDT A. Our new formula has the broadest compatibility range of any micronutrient source. Since our exclusive formula is chemically stable, differences in pH water hardness. or mixing temperature have no effect on chelate activity, which means the essential major and micronutrients are kept soluble and mobil for the greatest efficiency. Our formula provides the optimum level of micronutrients to satisfy the demands of most growing situations.

Solubility and Purity

High solubility and purity and the special forms of nitrogen. phosphorus and potassium make Grow More Fertilizers the ideal product. Safe and quick acting all our formulas are made with the highest purity technical grade plant foods available, the ingredients used and the quality of manufacturing are unduplicated in other fertilizers. Grow More contains no sulfates, chlorides, carbonates, excess soluble salts or other undesirable elements to damage plants. Each and every container of fertilizer is marked with a quality control number that insures that each batch has been continuously monitored for control of solubility, pH color, moisture. particle size, and content of chelated micronutrients. Grow More is formulated for maximum solubility, designed for injector systems and foliar spraying.

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Grow More Tomato Food 18-18-21
Price: $5.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: GM6101 -

Grow More Tomato Food, Fertilizer 18-18-21 - is designed for the serious home gardener who wants an abundant harvest of fruit. Tomatoes, because of their continuous flowering and fruiting cycle require regular feedings to ensure proper nutrition for fast growth, proper plant structure and optimum size, color and flavor.Grow More Tomato Food is effective in acid or alkaline soils and contains Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts) which plays an important role in chlorophyll production and green...

Grow More Palm Food 15-5-15
Price: $6.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: GM5107 -

Grow More 15-5-15 Palm Food, Fertilizer - is a water soluble formula designed for fast incorporation into the root zone via the soil-drenched method, or can be diluted for foliar application. Formula is pH balanced and can be used for all container and native soil-grown palms. Grow More Soluble Palm Food is recommended for all varieties of Cycads, Coconut palms, Date palms, Areca palms, Fishtail palms. Kentia palms, Sentry, Queen, Pinto, Lady, Butia, Syagus, Sabal, Sago, Parlor...

Grow More Hawaiian Bud & Bloom 5-50-17
Price: $6.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: GM7505 -

Grow More Hawaiian Bud & Bloom Fertilizer 5-50-17 - A fantastic orchid fertilizer recommended as a starter & transplant solution. Hawaiian Bud & Bloom feeds through the leaves & roots. Use Grow More Hawaiian Bud & Bloom Fertilizer for Growing Orchids, Tropical & Exotic Plants, Fruit Trees, Vegetable & Flower Gardens, Deck, Patio & Container Gardens.Use on Anthuriums, Bird of Paradise, Bougainvilleas, Gingers, Hydrangeas, Mums, Plumeria, Orchids, Flowering Vines, Annual, Perennials,...

Grow More All Purpose Orchid Fertilizer 20-20-20
Price: $5.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: GM5121 -

Grow More All Purpose Orchid Fertilizer 20-20-20 - this orchid fertilizer is a general purpose orchid fertilizer 20-20-20 (Yellow), all-year-round orchid fertilizer for orchids such as Cattleyas, Vandas, Dendrobiums and many other orchids.Recommended for cork bark slab, mounted epiphytic orchids, those with exposed root systems, as well as terrestrial orchids in soil-based potting mediums.

Grow More Bloom Orchid Fertilizer 6-30-30
Price: $5.95
Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: GM5120 -

Grow More Bloom Orchid Fertilizer 6-30-30 - an orchid fertilizer, a high phosphorus to nitrogen ratio helps induce orchid bud set, increase color and size of orchid blooms. To help initiate flower spike feed Cymbidiums with 6-30-30 (Blue) during the dormant season (September through February).Promotes bloom spikes in orchid plants.

Grow More High Nitrogen Orchid Fertilizer 30-10-10
Price: $8.95
Availability: Out of Stock
Item #: GM-5119 -

Grow More High Nitrogen Orchid Fertilizer - is an orchid fertilizer that helps counter the nitrogen robbing characteristics of fir bark potting mediums. Recommended for all cork slab-mounted epiphytic orchids, those with exposed root systems, and terrestrial orchids in soil potting, bark mixture.Feed Cymbidiums with 30-10-10 (Red) during the growing season (February through October).

Grow More Urea Free Orchid Fertilizer 20-10-20
Price: $5.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: GM5270 -

Grow More Urea Free Orchid Fertilizer 20-10-20 - A general purpose, all-year-round orchid fertilizer for orchids such as Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilums and other similar orchids.May also be used for cork bark slab-mounted epiphytic orchids.Grow More Urea Free 20-10-20 (Green) is also fine for growing plants in gravel or other inert inorganic mediums.

Grow More Bromeliad 17-8-22
Price: $5.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: GM5118 -

For all Bromeliaceae family plants, including Tillandsias and Guzmanias. In nature, these epiphytes grow on trees or rocks and have specialized leaves that gain their nutrients from organic matter and rain water.This special formula provides an organic slow release nitrogen source along with soluble nutrients that are ideally suited for the cupped leaf bases and hairy leaf surfaces that hold water between rains.

Grow More Cactus Juice 1-7-6
Price: $3.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: GM3130 -

(A plant food for cacti & succulents)Cactus Juice Liquid Plant Food contains cactus loving calcium and other nutrients for feeding cacti and succulents.Slow growing cacti & succulents have a high requirement for calcium.The specially designed formula of Cactus Juice provides a soluble source of calcium.A superb cacti & succulents plant food. 16oz.

Grow More All Seasons Plant Food 20-20-20
Price: $6.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: GM7506 -

Grow More 20-20-20 All Season's Orchid Plant Food is a balanced, soluble formula designed for use on orchids, vegetables, flowers, trees, fruits, roses, shrubs and houseplants. (With Chelated Micronutrients)Formulated for transplanting, plus it's ideal as a starter solution so your plants get off to a healthy start.Grow More 20-20-20 is a popular fertilizer among professional growers within the nursery industry.It contains multiple sources of nitrogen and other chelated micronutrients for...

Grow More Grow Bloom 0-50-30
Price: $4.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: GM6101B -

(With Chelated Iron and Manganese)Grow Bloom from Grow More is a water soluble fertilizer concentrate designed to increase flowering, bloom development and essential oil content in herbs and selected plants. It accelerates the development of flower bud set and the total flowering phase. Grow Bloom adds size and mass to flowers in the budding and flowering cycles.Also use for plumerias, gingers, adenium, aquatic pontederia, clerodendrum, hedychium and costus.This is a high-phosphorus water...

Grow More Citrus Fertilizer 20-10-15
Price: $6.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: GM5260 -

(Water Soluble Plant food for all types of Citrus, with Chelated Micronutrients)Citrus Food, Water Soluble Fertilizer 20-10-15Properly timed foliar or soil application of Grow More Citrus Food can help improve fruit color, firmness and earlier maturity.Grow More Citrus Food will increase the set of fruit, improve fruit quality of uniform size, leaf size and will cause earlier maturity of navel oranges.Helps trees respond with improved vigor, foliage color and helps reduce alternate year...