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Give your plants what they need, when they need it! Humboldt Nutrients is committed to providing the highest quality plant nutrients designed to provide the highest yields for the hydroponic or organic grower.

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Humboldt Countys Own Snow Storm Ultra
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Snow Storm Ultra 8 OunceThe original trichome stimulant.Give your plants that “snowy frosted” look that growers love. Always works. Swells trichomes - no other product compares. Stimulates the development of new trichomes - even on the leaves. Drastically increases resins and oils. Intensifies and increases terpenes and other fragrance notes. Helps prevent accidental pollination. One hermaphrodite in your grow room and your whole crop goes to seed. A must use for greenhouse and outdoor...

Humboldt Countys Own Purple Maxx
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Humboldt County's own Purple Maxx is completely organic. 8 oz. bottleMade from hydroponics central in Humboldt County, California's Emerald Triangle manufacturers, Purple Maxx used to be called Stacker and has been shown to improve essential oil production. Purple Maxx is a combination of organic compounds that encourages plants to decrease their internodal length, which moves flowering sites closer together, producing more flowers. This nutrient solution is dye-free and incredibly versatile....

Humboldt Crystal Burst Plant Nutrient
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Crystal Burst Plant Nutrient 0-15-15Increases the size and mass of flowers.Crystal Burst is the Humboldt County's Own line of high potency Vitamin B1 bloom enhancers. Crystal burst is one of the most concentrated bloom stimulants available. It is rapidly absorbed and induces flowering and stimulates essential oil and fragrance production in many flowers and plants. It is 60% stronger than most popular enhancers on the market, and works well with all popular nutrient lines.Compatible with all...

Humboldt Countys Own Deep Breath
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Humboldt County's Own Deep Breath, 8 OunceHumboldt County's Own Deep Breath is a pre-bloom boost designed to be used during the vegetative and early bloom stage. This product can be used in both soil and hydroponic applications. Use Deep Breath in vegetative phase and first 3 weeks of bloom. This product is designed for an increase in blooms and bulk development.Humboldt is the only company in the industry dedicated to high performance additives.Deep Breath is the only product on the market...

Humboldt Countys Own Magnum Magnesium Supplement
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Humboldt County's Own Magnum Magnesium Supplement 32 oz.1 QuartMagnum is a concentrated Magnesium Supplement with vitamin B1 for supplying extra magnesium and sulfur during the bloom phase of your plants.Magnesium is essential for plants to manufacture chlorophyll.Signs of magnesium deficiency can include premature fading of leaves.Magnum is specifically designed for the early bloom stage, during the bloom stage and use during late in the bloom stage.Apply at the first sign of fading or...

Humboldt Nutrients Bloom Formula Fertilizer
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Humboldt Nutrients Bloom Formula Fertilizer, NPK 0-6-5Humboldt Nutrients Bloom formula was designed in Humboldt County is a complete growing nutrient system for hydroponics as well as other growing mediums. Bloom is specifically formulated to improve plant photosynthesis, metabolism, genetics and eventually crop quality and yield. Plant growth, flowering and fruiting depend on the correct balance of Phosphorus and Potassium. Through extensive research and development, the Humboldt Nutrients...