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Plantlife Products are focused on quality......

Holland Secret fertilizer, our additives, and grow supplements are developed & manufactured with only the finest organic minerals & raw materials available.

Working in continued research collaboration with universities across North America, we have created exacting processes & quality control measures. Producing over 12,000 litres of RO sterilized water daily for use within our nutrient and liquid additives, and utilizing a fully automated bottling line we can ensure the quality and consistency of our product.

Plantlife Products are also sediment free. While other fertilizer and nutrient solutions will clog up your irrigation system, all Plantlife Products are specifically formulated to mix easily and be deposit free. Plantlife products are designed to work in all applications, it is the ONLY choice for all drip feed, hydroponic, and irrigation systems.

Our team is passionate about growing, and our goal is to make Plantlife Products the “logical choice” for your growing needs.

If you are tired of being plagued with clogged irrigation systems, its time you tried Plantlife and spend more time growing and less time maintaining your system.

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Super B+ Nutrient, Supplement, 500ML
Price: $3.39
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Item #: TIN2230-H -

Super B+ is a blend of vitamins and minerals in a base of Sea Kelp. Increases overall plant protection and reduces transplanting shock.Super B+ improves seed germination; increases root structure and mass in crops of all kinds. It increases and stabilizes chlorophyll in plants, which results in darker green leaves and enhances the sugar content in plants as well as mineral uptake. Super B+ relieves stress in plants caused by transplanting and environmental conditions, increases plant vigor,...

Holland Secret 3 Part Hydroponic Nutrients
Price: $4.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: TIN -

Holland Secret Grow, Bloom and MicroA concentrated 3 part plant nutrient system perfect for all growing media including soil, coco, hydroponics.Holland Secret Grow, Bloom and Micro..... render the days of using “Old School” nutrient systems obsolete.Modern growing systems need cutting edge, sediment free fertilizers to help them reach their maximum production. Today’s systems have aeroponic injection emitters, micro spinners and drip spears running top producing gardens. Growers need a...

Prop-O-Gator Plant Nutrient
Price: $3.39
Availability: In Stock
Item #: TIN2239-H -

Prop-O-Gator Plant Nutrient, 0-3-2Prop-O-Gator Plant Nutrient is a root growth enhancer featuring a combination of nutrients and organic matter formulated to accelerate plant growth.Prop-O-Gator Plant Nutrient has been used for years to promote faster growth of root hairs and feeder roots. Prop-O-Gator Plant Nutrient will increase the survival rate of newly rooted seedlings and clones. A larger volume of root hairs and feeder roots enables the plant to gather greater quantities of nutrients...

Carbo Blast Plant Nutrient
Price: $4.89
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Item #: TIN2250-H -

Carbo Blast Plant Nutrient is the energy source your plants will need to keep ahead of the pack. The unique chemical composition of Carbo Blast makes it beneficial during all phases of plant growth. Carbohydrates are the end products of photosynthesis, which are broken down during respiration to release large amounts of chemical energy which is utilized by plants for biosynthetic reactions. Carbo Blast will boost plants with leggy growth problems. Enhance essential oil production. Boost...