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  • Grow More Grow Bloom 0-50-30 - GM6101B
  • Grow More Grow Bloom 0-50-30 - GM6101B

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    (With Chelated Iron and Manganese)

    Grow Bloom from Grow More is a water soluble fertilizer concentrate designed to increase flowering, bloom development and essential oil content in herbs and selected plants. It accelerates the development of flower bud set and the total flowering phase. Grow Bloom adds size and mass to flowers in the budding and flowering cycles.

    Also use for plumerias, gingers, adenium, aquatic pontederia, clerodendrum, hedychium and costus.

    This is a high-phosphorus water soluble fertilizer that is geared towards building amazing buds and large blossoms while promoting flowering without nitrogen.

    Contains chelated iron and manganese with an NPK formulation of 0-50-30.

    Water soluble. Feeds through the leaves & roots.