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    Grow More 15-5-15 Palm Food, Fertilizer - is a water soluble formula designed for fast incorporation into the root zone via the soil-drenched method, or can be diluted for foliar application. 

    Formula is pH balanced and can be used for all container and native soil-grown palms. 

    Grow More Soluble Palm Food is recommended for all varieties of Cycads, Coconut palms, Date palms, Areca palms, Fishtail palms. Kentia palms, Sentry, Queen, Pinto, Lady, Butia, Syagus, Sabal, Sago, Parlor Bamboo, Phoenix and more. 

    This formula, based on the recommendations of Dr. Timothy K. Broschat of the University of Florida, has the ideal N-P-K ratio including 6 micro-nutrients, perfect for growing palms. 

    Water soluble, with Yucca extract.  Feeds through the leaves & roots.

    Here's a secret - Works Great for Orchids!!