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    Grow More Tomato Food, Fertilizer 18-18-21 - is designed for the serious home gardener who wants an abundant harvest of fruit. Tomatoes, because of their continuous flowering and fruiting cycle require regular feedings to ensure proper nutrition for fast growth, proper plant structure and optimum size, color and flavor.

    Grow More Tomato Food is effective in acid or alkaline soils and contains Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts) which plays an important role in chlorophyll production and green leaves.

    This special formula for all tomatoes has extra magnesium and higher potash ratio for firmer fruit and bigger yields. No matter what type of tomatoes you love, from cherry to beefsteak, this tomato food will produce the most flavorful, plump tomatoes every time.

    Water soluble plant food with chelated micronutrients.