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    Jack’s ClassiCote™ with Crystal Green® time-release fertilizer feeds your plants in a sustainable, earth-friendly way utilizing a renewable, slowly available source of phosphorus and magnesium.

    Jack's Classicote with Crystal Green is now formulated using Crystal Green, a highly pure, crystalline compound with innovative green technology.

    Releases nutrients gradually for up to 4 months of vigorous growth.

    • Blended with an enhanced micronutrient package which provides optimal nutrition for strong roots and green foliage.
    • The roots gradually utilize a controlled-release of nutrients that ensures that little is lost to the environment.
    • Highest safety factor to prevent burning when applied as directed.
    • Free measuring spoon enclosed for easy and precise application.
    • Re-sealable tub makes sprinkle applications and storage convenient.

    1.5 lb tub