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Tindara Orchid Supplies is a leading online retailer of specialty high performance nutrients & fertilizers for growing various plants in coir, coco chips, bark, clay pebbles, soil-less mixes, native soils, container gardening and hydroponics. All designed to produce bigger plants, buds, flowers and fragrance.

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Vegamatrix Grow, 1 Qt.
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Vegamatrix Grow is formulated to be a source of primary nutrients. Combining Vegamatrix Grow with Vegamatrix Bloom and Boost will enhance its effectiveness. Different ratios of Grow, Bloom and Boost can be used to grow an extremely wide variety of plants, including ornamentals, vegetables, trees, shrubs and medicinal crops. The combination of the natural veganic ingredients makes it almost non-burning even at extremely high doses.Combining sophisticated chemistry with processes like...

Wegeners Liquid Fertilizer 8-6-6
Price: $5.95
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A REVOLUNTIONARY ORGANIC BASED GARDENING FERTILIZER"USE A LITTLE – GROW A LOT"Made in New Zealand, this exceptionally high performance liquid organic fertilizer is great for all plants including hydroponic applications.Wegener's Liquid Organic fertilizer is safe for birds, bees and the kids.Wegener's Liquid Organic fertilizer provides a balanced NPK (8-6-6) with calcium, magnesium, plus a formulation of trace minerals and elements including plant based extracts that help plants to absorb and...

X Nutrients Amino Blast
Price: $9.95
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Amino Blast adds a blast of essential amino acids to your plants. Amino Blast contains all the necessary “L” amino acids. It is scientifically proven that amino acids increase yield and overall quality of crops. These essential amino acids increase the rate of photosynthesis, improve color, size, and appearance of flowers.Amino Blast is a power packed protein boost for your garden. Plants and organisms alike need a variety of elements for optimal growth, including protein which makes up all...

X Nutrients Bloom
Price: $7.95
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X Nutrients Item #: TIN2737 -

X Nutrients Bloom has the essential elements to grow your plants’ flowers and fruits to their fullest potential. Macro and micro elements are combined creating a nutritional base for your plants to thrive. The macro elements are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. The micronutrients are boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. Each of these individual elements is necessary for a plant’s total nutritional needs and is provided in our ‘Bloom’ and ‘Micro’...

X Nutrients Ful-Potential
Price: $7.95
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X Nutrients Item #: TIN2759 -

Ful-Potential is a fulvic and humic acid product designed to increase nutrient efficiency. Your plants benefit from accelerated growth and reduced stress. By chelating nutrients it prevents lock out and enhances uptake, thus saving on nutrient cost and reducing potential deficiencies. The proprietary blend of organic nutrient complexes also allow for successful uptake through foliar feeding application with built in anionic and non ionic surfactants. Built in sweeteners in the formula bring...

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