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    Round Mesh Net Orchid Basket - The 8.25" round mesh net orchid basket is perfect for growing orchids with large root systems. Great for hydroponics.

    With many holes, this basket promotes healthy roots through even drainage.

    Letting the roots grow their own way, right down through the pot, allows for bigger, healthier roots and plants.

    These baskets work with any kind of media -- hydroponics or soil-based.

    There's a comfortably-sized rigid lip along the top of this container, making it easy to grab, lift or transport. Very Sturdy.

    Orchids love these baskets. Eliminates transplant shock for continuous uninterrupted growing.

    Great for hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems.

    If you're growing orchid seedlings or transplanting from compot then using Net Pots is one of the best ways to insure continued growing success. Once the orchid seedling matures, just place the whole Net Pot into a bigger pot. Eliminates transplant shock for continuous uninterrupted growing.

    8.25 inches wide & 5 inches deep. Has a 1/4" rigid rim/lip. Nice pot.