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    Plastic Vanda Baskets - This plastic, open weave orchid vanda basket is used for hanging & growing vanda orchids. Sturdy vanda basket used in high moisture environments.

    These black plastic vanda orchid baskets have a nice open design allowing proper aeration of the root system.

    An alternative to wood baskets or plastic net pots, these heavy duty Plastic Vanda Baskets are very rigid and sturdy for lasting durability. Includes several holes in the rim for easy hanging and placement.

    These extremely durable Plastic Vanda Baskets are also suitable for growing Ascocentrums, Angraecums, Stanhopea, Bromeliads, Ferns and other epiphytes.

    Four sizes:

    4"w  x  1 7/8"d

    6"w  x  2 5/8"d

    8"w  x  3 1/2"d

    10"w  x  4"d