Tindara Orchid Supplies, a leading online orchid fertilizer retailer of specialty orchid fertilizers, suggests feeding orchids weekly using a balanced orchid fertilizer with trace elements, designed to produce bigger orchid plants & flowers. These orchid fertilizers will meet the essentials for growing orchids.

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MAXSEA All Purpose Plant Food  16-16-16, 1.5 lb. jar
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Maxsea 16-16-16 All Purpose Plant Food is designed for year round use on all plants, indoors and outdoors. A regular feeding program with Maxsea All Purpose will promote vigorous, sturdy plants with distinct, dark, seaweed green foliage, quality blossoms and abundant fruit and vegetables.Maxsea All Purpose may be combined in varying ratios with Maxsea Bloom or Maxsea Acid to create any number of formulas. A 50/50 ratio with Maxsea Bloom will create an approximate 10-20-20 formula; this is a...

MAXSEA Blossom Booster Plant Food 3-20-20, 1.5 lb jar
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Maxsea 3-20-20 Bloom Plant Food is especially formulated to improve flowering, bud set, bud count, blossom quality, quantity and size on all flowering plants, including marijuana, as well as promoting abundant fruit and vegetable yields. From roses to tomatoes, this blend boosts your bounty. Conscientious marijuana growers are always on the lookout for natural, organic ways to feed their plants without using poisonous products on their plants. Try the Maxsea Fertilizer. Use Maxsea Bloom when...

Neptunes Harvest Fish/Seaweed Fertilizer, 2-3-1
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Neptune's Harvest Item #: NHSWFF16-H -

Neptune's Harvest Liquid Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer is a natural organic fertilizer made from fresh North Atlantic fish and seaweed. With a perfect blend of fish hydrolysate and seaweed you'll get the ultimate fertilization program. A favorite among many growers, Neptune's Harvest Liquid Fish & Seaweed fertilizer builds the natural sugars in plants. Flowers and foliage will be stronger and more colorful. Blooms will be more plentiful, longer lasting and fragrant. Use Neptune's Harvest Liquid...

Soluble Seaweed Extract, 1-1-16, 225 gm
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Soluble Seaweed Extract is a concentrated, comprehensive gardener's tool in powder form. The concentrate is made from 100% pure, organic Norwegian kelp harvested on the Atlantic coast of Canada. This highest-quality kelp is a rich natural source of over 60 chelated nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and hormones that stimulate plant growth and has been celebrated for its natural fertilizing properties for centuries. Enhanced seed germination, promotion of a healthy root system and rapid stem and...

X Nutrients Bloom
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X Nutrients Bloom has the essential elements to grow your plants’ flowers and fruits to their fullest potential. Macro and micro elements are combined creating a nutritional base for your plants to thrive. The macro elements are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. The micronutrients are boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. Each of these individual elements is necessary for a plant’s total nutritional needs and is provided in our ‘Bloom’ and ‘Micro’...

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