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Orchid Growing Supplies & Hydroponic Growing Supplies, Accessories, Products - Using various orchid growing accessories, hydroponic supplies and products such as grow bags, net pots, netting, meters, misters, baskets makes it easy for hydroponic gardening and growing orchid plants.

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Dyna-Gro Pro-Tekt 0-0-3
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Dyna-Gro Item #: TEK-008-H -

Pro-Tekt 0-0-3 is a silicon supplement, supplying higher levels of potassium and silicon to build stronger plant cells thus increasing stem strength, leaf positioning, and increases heat, drought and cold tolerance. Use as a supplement with any fertilizer to provide non-toxic protection against fungal infections and insect infestations. Recommended for all plants. 8 oz.

Earth Worm Castings, Nutrients 2.2 lbs.
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Nature's purest form of humusEarth Worm Castings are one of nature's purest forms of humus. A natural, all organic soil amendment that provides readily available minerals and nutrients for stimulating plant growth. These castings are of the finest quality and do not contain fillers or additives. Use Wonder Worm as a soil conditioner for hanging baskets, potted plants, raised beds, houseplants. Compliment the power of Earth Worm Castings by using our Oyster Shell Chips.Each bag weighs 1kg or...

Luster Leaf Rapiclip Brown, Soft Wire Twist Tie, 16 ft.
Price: $4.95
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Item #: TIN80140163-H -

Luster Leaf Rapiclip Brown, Soft Wire Twist Tie, 16 ft. 16' Soft Wire Tie - Brown Many uses around the garden, yard and home Soft, rubber coating with strong wire core Easily twists and ties and is fully re-useable 5mm cushioned rubber with .8mm galvanized wire These Soft Wire Brown Ties are soft and pliable using a high quality rubber coating with strong wire core, allowing for softness on the outside while providing overall strength. Designed to blend in with the natural surroundings. With...

Luster Leaf Soft Twist Tie, Green, 16 ft.
Price: $5.95
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Item #: STT08390-H -

Light duty multipurpose cushioned wire tie. Soft, pliable Twist Tie has a soft, cushioned rubber coating so it doesn't damage plants. Can be adjusted as your plants grow. Perfect for all kinds of plants. Great for tomato plants. 16 ft. spool.

Neptunes Harvest Organic Crab Shell Plant Food
Price: $13.95
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Neptune's Harvest Item #: 8012006-H -

Neptune's Harvest Crab Shell Plant FoodMulti-Purpose Plant Food, Plant NutrientContains all natural and organic ingredientsBeneficial bacteria promotes soil drainageNaturally occurring nitrogen, calcium, and other elements assist in plant growthProtects against fungus and other harmful organisms in soilNeptune's Harvest Crab Shell is an excellent organic source of nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium (23%), and magnesium (1.33%). The high calcium content and slow release nitrogen and phosphorous...

Neptunes Harvest Organic Kelp Meal
Price: $13.95
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Neptune's Harvest Item #: 80120005-H -

Neptune's Harvest Organic Kelp Meal - Orchid Plant NutrientMulti-Purpose Plant Food, Plant Nutrient100% Organic and all naturalMakes plants hardier and more resistant to harsh weatherContains growth promoting substances which encourage plant growth, health, and colorNo unpleasant odorNeptune's Harvest Organic Kelp Meal is Ascophyllum Nodosum, which is widely recognized as one of the finest marine plants available for agriculture today. Kelp Meal is a natural and cost effective enhancement to...

Neptunes Harvest Seaweed Plant Food 0-0-1
Price: $14.95
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Neptune's Harvest Item #: NHSWF16 -

Neptune's Harvest Liquid Seaweed Plant Food is an organic storehouse of over 60 naturally occurring major and minor nutrients and amino acids. Its growth promoting substances enhance plant development, color and vigor. Seaweed has also been found to increase plant hardiness and resistance to adverse environmental conditions, such as early frost, extreme heat and lack of moisture. Used as a seed inoculant, seaweed fertilizer increases and accelerates germination, and enhances the rapid...

Plant Stem Clips, Pack of 10
Price: $8.95
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Plant Stem Clips - These are heavy duty, strong, spring loaded Plant Stem clips. These clips will hold large, thick stems and stakes very easy without damaging the plant stem. Plain, very discrete appearance. Green color of clips blends nicely with foliage, leaves & stem. Easy to use Support a variety of large, thick flower spikes. 1-1/4" long x 3/4" wide.

Stiky™ Plant Stakes
Price: $8.95
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Item #: SPS-H -

Protect your plants 24/7 from whiteflies, fungus gnats, thrips and other flying insects. Safe, non toxic, easy to use. Great for Potted Plants. Use Indoors & Outdoors. Remove protective paper and insert the Stiky™ Plant Stake into the soil on the edge of the pot with the adhesive side facing in toward plant. The trap is coated on one side only, thereby obscuring the trapped insects. Made in the United States. Ten 2" x 7" trap-stakes per package.

Vine Clips, Pack of 15
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Item #: TIN740045-10-H -

These sturdy plastic clips work great to support your plants while they grow. Simply attach the clip around the vine/stem and then to a support/stake. The clip snaps closed. When closed the clip has a 1" opening to easily accommodate a large stake and stem. Reusable.15 Per Pack