Our Orchid Mounting Supplies, Mounting Media - cork bark slab & plaques, tree fern orchid mounts offer a variety of mounting supplies, materials, media and products to choose from when deciding to grow orchids on mounts.

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Tree Fern Plaques, Mounts
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Tree fern plaques are an excellent mounting medium, growing medium for orchids. The orchid roots grow into the tree fern plaque and remain mounted to the plaque.Tree fern plaques are cut from the external root system of the tree fern trunk which grows in the mountains of Central America's rain forest.The plaques are mostly used to mount orchid plants as well as Bromeliads and Staghorn ferns.Add some sphagnum moss between the plaque and the orchid roots while mounting. ...

Tree Fern Pots tree fern orchids pots, planters, orchid medium, tree fern mounts, tree fern pots, tree fern containers, round tree fern pots, tree fern fiber pots, orchids
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Tree Fern Pots are used as planters for potting orchids. Tree fern pots become the growing, potting, mounting medium. Using tree fern pots allows the orchid roots to grow through fibrous, natural potting/mounting material of the tree fern pot.Use for mounting or potting orchids.Tree Fern is an excellent growing medium for orchids, air plants, ferns and more.This long lasting, fibrous, natural potting/mounting material offers excellent drainage and aeration.Orchid roots attach and grow through...

Tree Fern Totems
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Tree Fern Totems, Poles are cut from quality tree fern logs. Tree fern totems are used for supporting, mounting, growing orchids. Use tree fern totems for any kind of climbing foliage plant.Tree Fern Totems provide excellent aeration, are long lasting and great for mounting orchids. The totems are excellent for mounting many types of orchids, in addition to retaining moisture, providing excellent drainage and ventilation..

Virgin Cork Bark Plaques, 12" x 12"
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Virgin Cork Bark Plaques - Cork mounting supplies and cork products are a great orchid mounting medium. Virgin cork bark plaques are unique, hard to find.Perhaps one of the most distinctive, unique and exclusive orchid mounting plaques we have ever offered. They are individually produced directly from the bark of the cork oak tree. The virgin cork bark plaques are naturally dramatic, rich and warm in texture, soft to the touch. They are as durable as Mother Nature meant virgin cork...

Virgin Cork Bark Slab, 8" x 8"
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Virgin Cork Bark Slab - Cork bark mounting supplies and cork bark slabs are popular orchid mounting, growing media. The orchid roots attach to the cork bark medium providing excellent growing conditions.We import the Virgin Cork Bark directly from Portugal. Beautiful Premium Virgin Cork Bark is great for mounting orchids or any plant that needs epiphytic like conditions. This is a natural product, becoming hard to find so each piece is unique. Sizes vary. Each...

Wooden Slats, 12" x 12"
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Beautiful Square Wooden Slats made from selected imported tropical hardwoods including cedar, teak, mahogany and rosewood. Great for mounting Vandas, Asocendas and Phalaenopsis orchids, just to name a few. Tropical hardwoods are the traditional wood used in high humidity environments. Place these attractive Wooden Slats on a desk in your office or a table in your home and then simply place your plant right on top. Great in the greenhouse too. These have many, many uses.