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    Tree Fern Pots are used as planters for potting orchids. Tree fern pots become the growing, potting, mounting medium. Using tree fern pots allows the orchid roots to grow through fibrous, natural potting/mounting material of the tree fern pot.

    Use for mounting or potting orchids.

    Tree Fern is an excellent growing medium for orchids, air plants, ferns and more.

    This long lasting, fibrous, natural potting/mounting material offers excellent drainage and aeration.

    Orchid roots attach and grow through the Tree Fern Pot. Last for years. The pot/mount becomes the growing medium. For best results, place some Sphagnum Moss in the potting hole prior to planting/mounting.

    Please Note: Each pot is different
    Approximate size: 5" outer diameter x 3.5" tall with 2.5" diameter potting hole.
    Approximate size: 8" outer diameter x 5" tall with 4" diameter potting hole.