Orchid Plant Supports - various orchid plant stakes, orchid stem supports and orchid plant ties.

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Angle-Loc™ Metal Plant Stakes
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Use these rings to support leaves, blossoms and stems. The sturdy, heavy-gauge wire can be bent around foliage to support and shape plants. DIAMETER IS ADJUSTABLE. Fits most clay and plastic pots.Clip-on type with An expandable circular loop to enclose and stabilize the plant.Clips to the edge of the pot to support Cattleyas and other large orchids.Each Clip-On Ring Support is Expandable to Fit Different Plant Requirements.

Soft Twist Tie
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Item #: STT08390 -

 Light duty multipurpose cushioned wire tie. Soft, pliable Twist Tie has a soft, cushioned rubber coating so it doesn't damage plants. Can be adjusted as your plants grow. Perfect for all kinds of plants. Great for tomato plants. 16 ft. spool.

The Plant Tie Marijuana, 420, Growing Supplies, Cannabis, Plant Ties
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Item #: planttie -

(expands with plant growth)Durable, Flexible and StrongIdeal for flowers, vines, tomatoes, vegetablesWon't cut or damage plants, flower stems150 ft. x 1/2 in., 8 mil

Twist Tie with Cutter
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Item #: PP2000 -

A must for Gardeners, with over 100 feet of twist tie.Strong, waterproof, flexible, economical & practical.Green in color, plastic-coated wire blends in nicely with foliage.Ties and unties quickly and easily.Cut the exact length you want. Comes with easy cutter

Velcro Plant Ties - 45 x 1/2" Roll
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Item #: TIN740080 -

Plant Ties are an easy way to train vines or support plants.No knots required.The plant ties are adjustable, UV resistant and durable.Plant ties wrap around your plant/orchid and back onto themselves for a secure self-gripping holdEasily cut to any length -  Super strong - Light weight  - Reusable