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    The best performing, most eco-friendly growing container ever!This product is made of 100% natural resources

    Tindara is very conscious of today's environmental concerns, and we actively search for eco-friendly growing products.

    Our new line of Coir-based growing containers are designed to offer you all the benefits of peat, without destroying our peat bogs.

    The Incredible Benefits of Coir Pots:

    • Made from 100% biodegradable, organic material
    • Coir has no harmful environmental impact
    • Higher resistance to mold - no fungicide needed
    • Weed and disease free
    • No hazardous disposal issues
    • Root system from plant grown in Coir PotFaster plant growth and strong root system
    • Coir containers maintain structural integrity in a greenhouse environment
    • Coir is rich in nutrients like iron, copper, zinc and magnesium
    • pH neutral, odorless and lightweight
    • Will not pull moisture away from plant
    • Containers will not fall apart when wet
    • University-tested, exclusive manufacturing process delivers superior performance
    • The pots will last up to five years
    • When growing in coir pots, plants grow throughout the entire pot, and grow into the pot wall
    • Can be planted directly into the ground, skipping the transplanting step
    • The best part - Orchids love the Coir Pots producing an aggressive, healthy root system
    • Coir pots are also perfect for patio container gardens

    What is Coir?
    Coconut: Cior SourceCoir is the outer husk of a coconut consisting of both coir dust and coir fiber. A renewable resource, the husk is processed to make environmentally friendly products like biodegradable pots, planting medium, liners for hanging baskets, mulch and much more.

    Pot Dimensions: 4 1/2" WIDE, 3 3/4" DEEP