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    Glazed orchid pottery that is simply designed better than all others.

    The appearance of the pot is simple, pleasant, soothing to the eye and it blends in so nicely with the orchid foliage and its blossoms, never distracting, giving a very warm, aristocratic character.

    The pot is designed to provide proper drainage, while giving helpful ventilation to the root system.

    The subtle form of the pot and its beautiful, gentle glaze accent the beauty of your orchids.

    Ideal for your home, office or any environment where you want to present a warm, formal appearance.

    The shape of the pot keeps even the tallest orchids from tipping over. The dimensions of the pot are 4 ½ inches wide by 4 ½ inches deep with a slight rim. There is a drainage hole on the bottom with three drainage holes on three sides.

    The tray saucer, which is separate, is designed to keep the base of the pot above water and measures 5" by 5" square.

    You may plant directly into the pot or use your favorite plastic pot to fit into the 4 ½ inch square opening.