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Orchid Pots - Use our clear Orchid pots for fantastic yields when growing orchids. Considered as necessary Orchid supplies, our net pots, Orchid aircone pots, mesh bottom Orchid pots, mesh net baskets & clear plastic pots will provide optimal orchid plant and root growth.

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Tindaras Super Clear Round Plastic Pot - 5 1/4"
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Super Clear Round Plastic Orchid Pot - Our most popular orchid pot. Now available in the larger, 5 1/4 in. wide pot. Same features as the smaller pot.Slightly tapered to a 4 1/4 in. bottom with little bottom legs or 3/8 in. risers to allow better air circulation and 15 drainage holes.Attractive pot with lots of features. Small, rigid, thin rim on the top. Very strong, durable super clear plastic pot. Pot is 5 in. deep. One of our most popular selling pots. A real favorite!5 1/4 in. round x 5...

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