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    Espoma Organic Super Bloom Booster 1-3-1 Fertilizer

    A Super Blossom Booster

    Flip, Fill and Feed with Espomas' NEW Liquid Plant Foods

    Organically feeding your favorite plants just got way easier – and faster. Say farewell to messy measuring and that fishy smell of other organic, liquid fertilizers.

    Here are a few reasons our new liquid plant line will become one of your favorite things.

    • Instant Nutrition. Espoma’s new liquid plant foods feed your plants instantly – and organically. With these, you can feed your plants faster than you send a text!
    • Scientifically Magnificent. Our new liquid fertilizers are scientifically proven to grow bigger, better plants with larger blooms. What gives them their mighty power? We’ve loaded them with kelp extracts, humic acids and beneficial microbes.
    • Less Mess. Ready, set, pop! The new Easy Dose cap on our liquid plant foods effortlessly measures each dose of fertilizer! No more messy bottles, measuring mistakes or spills.
    • Flip, Fill and Feed. All you do is pop the lid, hold the bottle upside down and voila! The perfect amount of liquid fertilizer drops into your watering can.

    • Stimulates abundant fruit
    • Promotes & prolongs flowering
    • In 24 oz. concentrate

    The New Espoma Organic Liquid Plant Foods are scientifically proven to grow bigger, better plants with larger blooms.

    These liquid concentrates contain natural proteins that are enhanced with kelp extracts, humic acids, and a proprietary set of beneficial microbes that provide maximum results.

    Unique packaging features our exclusive easy dose system that pours the perfect amount without any measuring or mess!