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  • 7" X 7 1/4" Large Plastic Pot - LGPTEKU-1
  • 7" X 7 1/4" Large Plastic Pot - LGPTEKU-1

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    Dimensions: 7" wide, 7 ¼" Deep 

    16 Drainage holes on the bottom. 

    Small, sturdy rims.

    Tindara is pleased to announce the addition of high quality plant containers & pots made of thermoformed polypropylene, imported from Germany. These are the most popular pots used by gardeners, horticulturists and professional growers throughout Europe who have the highest standards with respect to aesthetics and utility.

    These German made pots offer the following advanced design and functionality:

    • Wide rolled rim ensures optimum strength & guarantees outstanding stability for handling.
    • These light containers have the new multiple-hole cross bottom drainage system that provides an optimization of irrigation and drainage holes which has been adapted to present cultivation methods.
    • Excellent drainage properties are provided with lateral drainage slits which never block.
    • The pots have a raised bottom have been proven in the field for many years, especially for perennials.
    • Featuring an innovative mega-hole drainage system for healthier root growth.
    • Pots have a larger base to prevent pots from tipping over.
    • Attractive design and colors.