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Tindara Orchid Supplies is a leading online orchid supplies retailer of specialty orchid & hydroponic products, plant nutrients & orchid fertilizer products, including many indoor-outdoor gardening products. This is a list of the vast array of products of orchid & gardening supplies offered by Tindara Orchid Supplies.

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X Nutrients Ful-Potential
Price: $13.95
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X Nutrients Item #: TIN2759 -

Ful-Potential is a fulvic and humic acid product designed to increase nutrient efficiency. Your plants benefit from accelerated growth and reduced stress. By chelating nutrients it prevents lock out and enhances uptake, thus saving on nutrient cost and reducing potential deficiencies. The proprietary blend of organic nutrient complexes also allow for successful uptake through foliar feeding application with built in anionic and non ionic surfactants. Built in sweeteners in the formula bring...

X Nutrients MX Clone Gel
Price: $8.95
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X Nutrients Item #: TIN2720-H -

X Nutrients MX Clone Gel, 4 Oz. JarMX Gel is a breakthrough in gel rooting technology offering two products in one! MX Gel is effective and affordable. As a gel you just dip your cutting to desired the depth before placing in your medium of choice. As a solution simply dilute 1 teaspoon of gel to one gallon of water and use as a solution as well. This solution can be used to soak rock wool cubes or in the aero system of your choice. Its unique formulation will work for both softwood and...

Xtreme Gardening Azos, Promotes Growth, 2 oz.
Price: $9.95
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Item #: TIN721259-H -

Xtreme Gardening Azos, 2 oz. Azos is a beneficial microbe that sparks new root development and boosts growth.Azos works by rapidly increasing plant production of IAA (indole-3 acetic acid) – a natural plant hormone, affecting cell division, growth rates, plant and root development. Azos enhances growth by converting atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form available to plant roots.Use Azos to quickly and naturally roots new cuttings; add to transplant to kick-start new development and add to...

Tindara Orchid Supplies offers Orchid Supplies and a variety of orchid gardening supplies and Orchid growing supplies; including cloning supplies, gels, fertilizers, nutrients, supplements, insect & disease solutions, Orchid net pots & containers, mesh net baskets, plant labels, ties, clips, grow bags, plant & stem supports plus various Orchid hand tools, snips, shears, bud trimmers & accessories.