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Black Plastic Orchid Pots (ea.)
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Perfect for small Cymbidiums, Paphiopedilums, Phrags, Phalaenopsis, Epidendrums, DendrobiumsThese orchid pots are fabulous.4 in. square (at the top) & slightly tapered to 2 3/4 in. at the bottom. 4 inches deep with smooth, rounded edges. 3/4 in. rim. Sturdy Plastic.8 drainage holes on the bottom with grooved channels for easy draining.Interior has rounded, smooth edges, not sharp.Our Double Clay Pot Hangers are perfect if you want to hang these pots.

Plant Warrior Pots, Containers growing marijuana, pots, containers, 420, plant warrior
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Plant Warrior Pots and Containers utilize an internal aeration chamber within the pot causing increased oxygen levels inside the plant warrior container and around the plant’s root mass.The Plant Warrior Container creates a supercharging affect that increases microbial activity for faster root growth, larger yields, ease of nutrient uptake and substantial plant growth.Conscientious marijuana growers are using the 5 gallon Plant Warrior Pot.Grow Phalaenopsis orchids, slipper orchids and fine...