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Large Plastic Plant Labels
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Now you have extra space to write more information about your plants with these new, large, sturdy, bright colored plant labels, specifically designed to provide more writing space.Convenient and easy to use. They have a nice crisp, smooth writing surface.Use them to develop your own color coded system to keep track of special plants or changes in your growing conditions, potting soils or types of fertilizer.All Labels Measure: 7" long x 1" wide

White Plastic T Labels
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These sturdy, 20 mil Styrene labels are the perfect size to record plant name, variety, species or cross.The writing area is 2 inches wide and 2 ½ inches in long. The total length of the label is 5 inches.Just the right size. Great for growers or the home gardener.Try these with our Waterproof Marker.

Pre-Printed Plastic Labels
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These sturdy, bright colored plant labels are specifically designed to record and track a plants' flowering cycle, the number of flowers, the cross and the quality of the blooms.On one side there is space for the name and variety of the plant, including the cross. On the other side is the flower record with space for month, year, flower and grade.Most professional growers use these labels to keep track of their plant inventory.Tracking flowering and growth information will also make you aware...

Tindaras Round Plastic Mesh Bottom Pot, (ea.)
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Round Plastic Mesh Bottom Pot - Excellent multipurpose pot.Hard black plastic.Works well for all indoor or outdoor growing applications.Full mesh bottom with four large square drainage openings on the side.Great for growing orchids.Dimensions: 8" H x 9" WSturdy, rigid, does not bend. 3/8" rim for easy hanging with our Pot Hangers.

Tindaras 4" Black Round Orchid Pot (ea.)
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4" Black, Round Orchid Pot - This is a great pot. Perfect size for growing orchids, herbs or starting small perennials.Has many uses for a variety of plants and very functional.Strong, sturdy with a slightly textured exterior.Interior is smooth.The pot measures 4" wide and 3 1/2" deep. Bottom is slightly tapered to 2 5/8"There are 16 drainage holes on the bottom.Made in Germany for exceptional quality. ...

Tindaras Super Clear Plastic Orchid Pot - 4 1/2" (ea.)
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These super clear plastic orchid pots have plenty of drainage. This round crystal clear plastic orchid pot has been requested by many of our customers.Slightly tapered to a 3 1/4 in. bottom with three drainage channels. Attractive pots with lots of features. Small, thin rim on the top.These are almost as clear as glass. One of our favorites. 4 1/2 in. round x 4 in. deep

Tindaras Super Clear Round Plastic Pot - 5 1/4" (ea.)
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Super Clear Round Plastic Orchid Pot - Our most popular orchid pot. Now available in the larger, 5 1/4 in. wide pot. Same features as the smaller pot.Slightly tapered to a 4 1/4 in. bottom with little bottom legs or 3/8 in. risers to allow better air circulation and 15 drainage holes.Attractive pot with lots of features. Small, rigid, thin rim on the top. Very strong, durable super clear plastic pot. Pot is 5 in. deep. One of our most popular selling pots. A real favorite!5 1/4 in. round x 5...

Tindaras Glazed Pottery - Stone Black
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Glazed orchid pottery that is simply designed better than all others. The appearance of the pot is simple, pleasant, soothing to the eye and it blends in so nicely with the orchid foliage and its blossoms, never distracting, giving a very warm, aristocratic character. The pot is designed to provide proper drainage, while giving helpful ventilation to the root system. The subtle form of the pot and its beautiful, gentle glaze accent the beauty of your orchids. Ideal for your home, office or any...